PMT Gurumantra, a website launched by the medical students of Vardhman Mahavir Medical College, New Delhi, provides you with the list of top medical colleges, which was prepared after consulting the medical students all across India. There are plenty of magazines and websites which can provide you with the list of top medical colleges across India. They claim that their survey is based on education facilities and research opportunities provided by the institution but it is usually seen that they include some of the private colleges in the list too which don’t seem to fit in.

We, at PMT Gurumantra, have prepared the list after ample research and discussion with the students of those particular colleges. We have taken following parameters to prepare the list:

üCollege Infrastructure

üInternal PG (as in VMMC & IMS-BHU)

üHospital Infrastructure

üAverage number of patients visiting the OPD per day

üCity (Delhi = Mumbai > State Capital > Cities >Town

üState (North-East < South / North < UP/Bihar< MP < Maharashtra < Gujarat)

üfNumber of State P.G. seats (UG:PG ratio)

üBond for rural posting (in Maharashtra)


üPast academic record

üHostel facilities (you are going to spend the most unforgettable 5 1/2 years of your life here!!!)

üRagging scenario – yes it is still prevalent in many colleges in UP and Bihar; but it’s fun in rest of the colleges.

üFees (lowest in AIIMS, MAMC, LHMC & UCMS)

üRecreation Facilities – sports, culture, literature – AIIMS and AFMC are the colleges where you would get ample opportunity to groom your interests and passion.

üAttendance – yes! Not now, but once into college you would realize that you should have chosen a college where regular attendance is not a compulsion – here too AIIMS leads the list.

. Salary – Confirm the current salary paid to the interns and PGs to the students in the college you are taking. Compare it with other colleges. It is lower in MP, Maharashtra and other states…In Delhi the salary paid to the interns is around 12-14000 and to the PGs its 50000 approx..

It is clear how our ranking would be different from the others because they take research and hospital facilities to be the only criteria. They fail to realize the importance of these small but significant factors. It is also important to note that the ranks which these magazines give should not be and actually I must say, are not followed while choosing the college, the reasons being:

ØAFMC is ranked 2nd by these magazines but no student getting under 1000 rank in AIPMT goes for it. In fact many students prefer taking less known medical colleges in B grade towns of MP, UP and Bihar instead of AFMC. Even some students getting selected in AFMC only prefer taking a drop than joining it.

ØVMMC is seen nowhere in the list but is the fourth college to be filled in AIPMT counselling after MAMC and simultaneously with UCMS and LHMC.

ØManipal and many private colleges have been included in the list but no one prefers it over any government medical college.

ØThey don’t take into account the Internal PG factor which is the most deciding factor while choosing a medical college.

Moral of the story is that don’t believe in such lists prepared by any magazine or news channel.They include the names of some selected colleges for the sake of earning some bucks.

It should also be noted that a single list of top medical colleges can never serve as a priority list for a single student. Hence we haveprepared a priority list which would help you to select the college of your choice according to your needs and preferences.


Everyone knows it is the first choice for every medical student.

But students from southern states can choose in between JIPMER (better) and CMC Vellore if they don’t want to remain away from home. JIPMER has Internal PG advantage on its side and is better known as AIIMS of the south. 


Excellent faculty, Excellent academic record, good infrastructure, inexpensive – just Rs.2500/year including hostel, delhi city as well as the Delhi PG advantage makes it the first choice in AIPMT counselling. It has been a trend always and every student follows it blindly. Same rules apply here – Southern candidates should better choose JIPMER and among the North Indians, those who care for their PG seats can choose in between VMMC and BHU in preference to MAMC.

3. VMMC = BHU = Jipmer = CMC (Vellore)


While University College of Medical Sciences is usually chosen by the boys, LHMC (Lady Harding Medical College) is only for the girls. No internal PG but Delhi PG advantage.

5. Bj, Ahmedabad

Good college and has PG advantage.

6. KGMC, Lucknow = GMC, Chandigarh = MMC, Chennai = Medical college, Banglore

ØGood colleges; city advantage.

ØKGMC particularly good in academics and research but UP disadvantage.

ØChoose on the basis of location

7. Grant Medical College / Seth GS , Mumbai

Note: Seth GS, Mumbai has very good infrastructure and is excellent in academics, hence it used to be the 3rd choice of students but because of the bond restriction, it should be avoided now.

It also has very good infrastructure and is excellent in academics, but because of the bond restriction, it should be avoided now. Still you can consider if you want to study in a good medical college.

9. SMS, Jaipur

10. AFMC

Consider it only when you can acclimatize in the Armed Forces and can tolerate such a degree of discipline or if you belong to the army background. There is also bond restrain and you would have to give a sum of Rs.15 lakhs if you don’twant to serve in the army after completing the course. Otherwise, it is undoubtedly one of the best medical colleges in the country with excellent infrastructure, academics, recreation and sports facilities and many other benefits – the greatest onebeing a lieutenant and serving the army and that too with a handsome salary and allowances.

But strictly speaking life is not as good as it appears to be. You can easily leave it as the option and prefer any other college instead.

11.  Rohtak/Simla/Goa/ MGM Indore / GMC Bhopal/ Topiwala Mumbai /other colleges in state capitals

After all the main colleges have slipped from your hands, you are free from the confusion. After it, all the colleges are similar and have no special benefits as such. Hence, here city and the state factors come to play. Choose the college which is nearest to your home. But avoid UP, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, North east unless it’s your home state.

Over all list of the top Medical Colleges

1.1. AIIMS,

2.2. MAMC, New Delhi


4.4. VMMC, New Delhi

5.5. IMS-BHU

6 6. UCMS, New Delhi

7.7. LHMC, New Delhi

8.8. New AIIMS ( Bhopal, Patna, Jodhpur, Rishikesh etc.)  = CMC, Vellore

9.9. Grant/Seth GS, Mumbai

1 10. BJMC, Ahmedabad 

111. MGIMS, Wardha


About Rahul Chawla

Doctor, Neurologist (MBBS, M.D, DM Neurology AIIMS New Delhi) Author of Physics @ your fingertips and Biology @ your fingertips. Writer of Hazaaron Khwaahishein (hindi novel). Website: Personal Blog:
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  1. shweta says:

    i got 8 rank in jipmer obc .belongs to gurgaon.should i prefer jipmer to haryana state colleges
    .please reply soon.

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Yes, JIPMER is preferable. But you may have communication problem in the south and you may also not be satisfied with the food.
      Make a smart decision.

  2. sandeep kumar says:

    hello boss!! just wanted to ask regarding these college.. what sequence to chose bhu, vmmc and ucms in 3rd counselling. i’m from patna, bihar. i’m prefering ucms over that ok?? please help.
    thank you

  3. ananth patil says:

    hi , which is better …………… Bangalore medical college , bangalore
    kasturba medical college ,manipal

  4. POONAM AZAD says:

    Hiii Rahul its Poonam. I m tkng coaching 4rm AAKASH INSTITUTE. I am weak in CHEMISTRY . Tell me what should i do to make my Chemistry better. Should we go with NCERT of Physics AND cHEMISTRY also?

  5. Ayushi says:

    hello Rahul im AYUSHI frm madhya pradesh as stated by the previous comments i too had the problem of not being able to study in big institutes but now my problem is solved thank you … in 12th class aspiring to give the exam in 2012 and have not joined any “non- attending” school i am made to feel twas a bad decision to continue in dis school and yes its high time but just wanted to ask will dat affect my selection????????

  6. ankit sinha says:

    hi rahul iam ankit from patna (bihar) brother i want to discuss very important topic about my going on study presently iam in class 11 and i do individual tution classes for all three subjects of problem is this that whenever i met my frnds who r studying in akash institute they know very much extra than me. more depth studies done by there teachers help them to know more.i study from a non-professional but talented teachers of mine colony who has the complete knowledge but he only teaches from ncert not other book like trueman’s i want to be equal to my frnds in terms of knowledge but i fail to do so . since,my topics are very clear but it is limited till ncert . i get myself feared by this reason that my frnd would compete the exam of medical and i would be failed to do ….. what should i do and how would i prepare my self to be good in entrance examination of 2013. also iam thinking to leave my regular school and go for non-attending (less attendence requirement) so that more time i could give for competetive examination …what do you think is it a good idea?

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      Coaching teachers are no wizards. They cannot wave a moron into a genius! They are only there to teach you, to help clear your concepts; and these big coaching institutes have began exploiting students to make money and many times their study material and test series are also irrelevant. If a student is selected, it is because of his own hard work, not because of the coaching institute. So, it does not matter if you have not joined any Aakash or any big coaching..most people forget the fact that every year more than 15-20 thousand students are enrolled in Aakash and out of them only 500-1000 make it..So, no need to just keep following my website and read other students’ doubts.

      Read following books
      Biology – any textbook ( Trueman) /notes of your coaching institute + NCERT + both of my books (Handbook and Biology @ your fingertips) + Dinesh objective
      Till now I have written just two books and I am also working on the text book and an objective book for biology. But this would take time. So, you should buy above books. I also referred to the same books.

      Note : this is the ideal combination, which I have prescribed, so if at any stage you are running out of time, you can only rely on my books along with NCERT
      Physics – comprehensive / teacher’s notes + A.K Aggarwal objective book or any other book which your teacher has specified.
      Chemistry – Pradeep textbook and P.Bahadur for objective + NCERT

      and yes you should go for a non-attending school but make sure that the school is not doing so you will have a lot more time to study and lesser distractions.

      also solve more and more past years papers.

      I would advice you to refer to my book handbook of biology .It helps you in last minute revision and contains all the important and frequently asked points with 100% strike rate in any medical entrance exam. the book is available in the market. It also contains last minute revision strategy, suggestions and tips for time management in exam.. The book has 126 pages and its MR prize is Rs.100 . .you can buy the book and also tell your frns about case it is not available in your city, ask the book seller to order it from Galgotia Publications and their phn no. is 0120-4235977 . currently handbook of biology is can buy it on and don’t feel shy to promote my book among your frns!
      Also Read my article STRATEGY OF AIPMT 2012 FOR DROPPERS
      and please tell all your friends about my books and my website.

  7. Ankit says:

    i am not from delhi by origin but i m currently doing +2 4m delhi.. can i give delhi pmt if it happens this year?

  8. krishna singh says:

    there was a notification in times of india regarding the common entrance test.It was stated that it will be implemented from the academic session of 2012.being a student from delhi will i get some extra benefits of getting a college in delhi or will there be a state qouta for this exam?

  9. divpreet says:

    can you tell me how thecommon entrance exam will be in 2012 and will all the medical colleges be included in it

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      ‘The pattern should be the same as that of AIPMT and it should include all medical colleges of the country including AIIMS’ that’s what I think..but nothing of that sort has been cleared yet by CBSE.

  10. Hemant Kumar says:

    Excellent dedication and talent of RAHUL can be seen through his work on his website and his book.. Really… VMMC got a super talent from BHU 3 years ago. Keep it up… Well done!!!

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