Will MCI include Regional Languages in NEET?

Medical Council of India (MCI) announced NEET UG 2012 syllabus, examination date and it’s stand on vernacular languages breaking the silence which only led to a new debate; parents are protesting that NEET UG should be in regional languages also. While Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh are asking one year time to join NEET UG on the grounds of non inclusion of regional language and difference in syllabus.

No conclusion can be drawn yet, parents who are protesting wants to move MCI to supreme court if justice is not done; although MCI announced the syllabus and entrance test date the final word has to come from Union Health Ministry. As per sources Union Health Ministry will not object MCI’s decision and keen to nod for NEET UG to be conducted by CBSE with declared rules. No official announcement has made yet! It is the final verdict that awaits parents and students who are hoping that NEET UG should not take place in 2012.

Parents are planning to approach chief ministers of their respective states to seek their involvement in postponing or cancelling NEET UG. This ambiguity may put additional stress on students who are preparing for the medical entrance exam this year; students are completely unaware as which syllabus they should follow. Competition for medical seats at UG level is always at a peak level; students who are serious to join MBBS consider medical entrance exam as the only priority in their daily routine. It is still not evident whether their will be a common medical entrance test nation wide or will there be exceptions for few states.

MCI or CBSE might not loose much by printing questions in regional language but is nagging just to keep their firm stand on conducting NEET in Hindi & English. Central government doesn’t want to involve into the matter as the orders to conduct NEET by MCI was signaled by Supreme Court; state governments are only left with an option of approaching supreme court or meeting Union Health Minister Mr. Gulam Nabi Azad.

The dilemma continues; there may be NEET UG in May 2012; languages, which states are participating is still an unanswered question.

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  1. anjana chari s.n says:

    if tamil nadu is excluded from neet what is the fate of cbse students in the state

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