Please read Previous posts and replies to the previous queries before asking doubts

Hi guys, my laptop is not working plus my exams are also  coming so I won’t be able to reply to  your queries for a month so kindly read all my posts and replies to the previous queries.  You ppl keep asking the same doubts over and over again without reading tips given in my books, past articles and replies to the previous queries

I cannot handle so many queries at a time coz I have other things to do. I cannot spoon feed you every time. When I have written Read NCERTs and both my  books and solve past papers…still people ask me Qs like Will reading NCERTs help me or is it necessary to read both your books or what is the difference between your books and other books..What am I supposed to reply to these queries.

Similarly. I have provided you the list of bookstores where my books are available, It;s even available on line on flipkart and dial a book..I have even provided u contact numbers of the publishers..still ppl want me to send the copies at their door steps.

Then ppl ask me what to read at the last minute? I have written a book for that purpose and all the tips are written over there. I have also written a post.  but ppl still ask this same question.

I have already answered to queries about AFMC, VMMC, AIIMS and about which coaching to join and how to study at home without coaching etc. But no one cares to read    the previous replies and in case I don;t reply…ppl counter-reply that Rahul Chawla is here only to promote his books and has no concerns for the students preparing for the exam.

Then there are ppl who just in any case want to demean the website and my books due to which there is flooding of doubts and it’s difficult to identify genuine  comments among them and so the ppl who really have a doubt suffer. 

I had thought earlier that I would get some other like-minded ppl who would  take out  some precious time and help you students but ppl don’t get enough time because of facebook coz they say chehre ki kitabe hain..hum joh padne aate hain!

I am still trying…If I could get some other councilors, then it would be easier to manage the website. So, till then explore the website . It would help you in clearing all your doubts. read all past posts and comments and then post any doubt.

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Doctor, Neurologist (MBBS, M.D, DM Neurology AIIMS New Delhi) Author of Physics @ your fingertips and Biology @ your fingertips. Writer of Hazaaron Khwaahishein (hindi novel). Website: Personal Blog:
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2 Responses to Please read Previous posts and replies to the previous queries before asking doubts

  1. devashish says:

    when will your physics@your fingertips and chemistry @ your fingertips will be available on flipkart i need them urgently…and i have problem in learning terms in biology it a normal problem or serious plz rply…

    • anshikagupta says:

      No,These Books wont come around This year.The Publishers are Delaying It.Dont sit back and wait,carry On with your preparation.

      YEAH,Its so obvious.These weird words are The most Notable Bad Thing about Biology.
      Its the same story with all of us,No one likes those SuperHyperComplicated Terms.
      So,ITS NORMAL.

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