The article for all the students who have taken a year drop to try their luck once more to get selected in medical entrance examinations or those who are depressed and disheartened on not being able to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor this time and confused whether to risk a year for fulfilling their dream or to join a regular degree programme .

Tips and Suggestions 



1.Identify your mistakes which you committed last year..What was the reason behind you being not selected in the exam. Whether you did not study or you did not study from the point of view of a competitive exam or you did not know what to study or you did not solve the previous years papers.

2. Learn from your mistakes. Making mistakes is not a major issue but repeating them will always prevent you from success. This rule applies everywhere in life.So rectify them and don’t repeat this time.

3. Don’t lose hope..have faith in your self and prepare yourself for one year of hardwork and 100% devotion.

4. If you really want to be a doctor, develop qualities that are the trademark of a doctor- hard work, determination, consistency and patience. There is no alternative to hard work, not even smart study as the latter too requires a lot of hard work.

5. Smart study – It is very important to note that you are not doing a PhD but are preparing for the medical entrances examination. You just have to study what ever is asked in the examination after all whatever you will be studying has no use in the profession you are opting for. It is a habit prevalent among many students to study from a high level book and flaunting the same in front of their friends and teachers to gain popularity in the class. First, it is of no use and second, it leads to wastage of time and may also hamper your success in the exam.


Q. It would be my third attempt for pre-medical tests. I have been preparing for medical entrances since I was in class 11th. I have even studied H.C. Verma, Resnik-Halliday  for physics, Neil Campbell for Biology and Deb Mukherjee for chemistry, but still I am unable to get through medical entrances. What more do I need to study?

Ans.  First, you need to bust this myth that the syllabus of PMTs demands solving  questions from very high-level books that are mostly read by the engineering aspirants. The level of questions in physics and chemistry is very low as compared to those asked in IIT-JEE. In PMTs, questions are simple and formula based but time is less and also the cut-off goes very high. So the examination paper demands you to be thorough with your concepts and the formulae should be on your finger tips. Solving from ultra-advanced and high level books is sheer wastage of time.

However , some questions from physics and chemistry which have earlier been asked in IIT JEE are repeated in PMTs especially BHU (Pre and Mains) and such questions can be found in any standard Physics objective book.

Also it is usually seen that some students are not able to clear the exam even after taking many attempts and studying rigorously while some crack PMT in their first attempt and that too without much effort.

The reason is very clear. While the former lack guidance and by hit and trial method , they study from whichever book they come to know of, the latter restrict themselves to few but authentic books and with proper guidance and smart & selective study, they come out with flying colours without unnecessary effort.

6. Is it necessary to join a coaching institute for preparation?

It depends upon your way of studying and whether your basic concepts are clear or not . If your concepts are clear and you are smart enough to understand by reading from books directly, then go ahead, study by yourself. After all coaching teachers are no wizards. They cannot wave a moron into a genius! They are only there to teach you, to help clear your concepts; if you can grasp the topic yourself then its sufficient.

However if you are one of those who cannot grasp the concept by directly reading from the book, and are dependent upon teachers, then you can join any coaching institute and attend the classes regularly. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and clear your doubts with the teachers. But please never blindly follow what all they say, the teachers (mostly; however exceptions are there) can teach you but they cannot guide you on how to excel in exam.

But still, I would suggest that it is better to join some local coaching to help you clear your doubts and provide you with basic concepts of the subjects. A little guidance is very essential to prevent you from unnecessarily wasting time reading unimportant facts.

7. Evaluate yourself regularly by taking mock test papers ( with strict examination like conditions)

Is there any need to join any test- series program for this purpose?

If you have enrolled for a classroom contact program, then you should regularly take the topic- wise tests conducted by the institute. But if you have not joined any institute but are preparing by yourself then it would be better if you buy a set of previous year’s question papers of exams than joining any of the costly test series. As it is, these test – series include unnecessary questions in the tests with the sole purpose of attracting more and more students.

Take previous years’ questions and solve a particular paper whose cut-off you know. Keep seated for the entire time limit and simulate the entire environment of the examination hall.

After completing, match your answers and calculate your total percentage. Match it with the cut-off. No test series can give you a better assessment of your ability. Also, while you are analyzing, mention the mistakes and silly errors that you have made in each subject. Solve a paper at least every 2-3 months during your preparation period. Make a note book so that you can have a look at your own analysis. It would save thousands of money spent on futile test series, and I assure you that you would definitely benefit from this.

7. Solve more and more Previous Years papers – You can solve the previous years papers in a way as I have discussed before . Alternatively, to be quick, you can just solve a question and confirm your answer by looking at the answers. If your answer is wrong, go to the solution and look where you went wrong. Don,t forget to mark that question for future reference. While solving biology paper , learn correct answer, mark it and also  jot down few extra points, mnemonics, other related facts/terms that come to your mind at that time after reading that question so that the next time you come across that same question, you can also glance across the other points you noted down yourself. This ensures easy and fast revision and the probability of missing out on topics while revising is also greatly reduced.  In this way, you can use your previous solved paper book for revision just before exam. I had too followed the same approach.

8. Which Books to refer?

There are many books available in the market but none of them tell you exactly what to study and what to not.  None of them tells you which topic is important but in  both books handbook of biology and biology @ your fingertips, which have included only the relevant and important and frequently asked points with an assurance of over 80 – 90% questions in biology from the same books

Prescribed textbook combination

Biology – any textbook ( Trueman) /notes of your coaching institute + NCERT + both of my books (Handbook and Biology @ your fingertips) + Dinesh objective
Till now I have written just two books and I am also working on the text book and an objective book for biology. But this would take time. So, you should buy above books. I also referred to the same books.

Note : this is the ideal combination, which I have prescribed, so if at any stage you are running out of time, you can only rely on my books along with NCERT
Physics – comprehensive / teacher’s notes + A.K Aggarwal objective book or any other book which your teacher has specified or pradeep or universal
Chemistry – Pradeep textbook and P.Bahadur for objective + NCERT


P.S. – If you have studied any other book instead of what I have mentioned then go ahead with it, no need to waste time studying from a new book.

9. Develop a feeling of healthy competition with your friends. Don’t be jealous of them if    they know more or don’t become complacent if they don’t fare well. Remember, you are not just competing against them but lakhs of other students. Instead of wasting time in gossip, discuss mnemonics, important facts, numericals with friends; it will make memorizing easier and you will also come to learn a lot more new things from them.

10. Fore more tips and suggestions, keep visiting the site.The site is still under construction and still there are many more things to be added.

11. Start studying again. Your target should be to complete the entire syllabus by December and start revising in January or alternatively, you should also revise the syllabus side by side in case you have joined a coaching institute as they usually finish the syllabus by February.

12. Also, keep checking your progress monthly by solving mock test papers as I have mentioned before.

These are a few points which you need to remember before starting preparation for NEET and AIIMS and other medical entrance examinations which you are going to appear in next year. If you have any query, feel free to ask. Wishing all the PMT aspirants all the best!



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  1. Nourin says:

    Sir, m a student from kerala currently studying in class 12th.. Can u tell me which state Pmts m eligible to attempt??

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Only kerala pmt and the state for which you have domicile. No other state pmts your eligible for..

  2. Alisha says:

    Really good dose for all pmt aspirants… Thanx for guiding…
    I myself need help…. I dropped for this yr. But i think i will not be able to get a good college this yr….. Would it b okay to drop again for my dream college….i know i can..i didnt put my full efforts this yr…but i m worried what others gonna say….. Feel embarrasesd
    plz reply

  3. swapnil verma says:

    sir…i Am studying in class 11th nd i m jsst goin through the 11th class course nd nt preparing for the entrance exams…so am i doing right or wrong

  4. Shalu sharma says:

    Cn i crack aipmt if i start studyn seriously at dis time m gud at bio ma bio is almost done hw to improve in physics ?

  5. gautam says:

    sir this is my 2nd attempt for AIPMT ……please tell me the right way to do preparation for AIPMT in 4 months

  6. Sishpal says:

    I am in 11 th class doing foundation courses . i have not studied well and December month is going on …….Now i want to do complete the 11 th class syllabus ……………………please tell me the way how i cover the back syllabus and present running syllabus ??

  7. manaswini says:

    how much i am I supposed to score out of 200 approximately to get a medical seat in any of the aiims institutions………and is it necessary to score minimum of 10 marks in G.K

  8. Projjoy Halder says:

    sir actually this is my 3rd attempt for pmt nd desperately i want to succeed,but when i see the study mats or text books….i get bored…cz i hav read them two times before…so its making me too depressed….plz help me sir…….

    • shushant shandilya says:

      if possible, change ur coaching institute. or else take it positively that u have already read the material once, so have patience and be determined thinking that if i give my best even for a year, i will crack pmt

  9. ankit pathak says:

    sir i have not read well in 11 class except bio. now i am in 12.should i read ncert books of 11 OR prepare for my 12 board exam. plz tell me sir..

    • shushant shandilya says:

      right now u have enough of time, cover what u don’t know. and revise your eleventh along with. start 12 revision from october and go straight for the boards

  10. simran says:

    Rspctd sir!How many attempts for aipmt are there??pls age limit is givn btween17 to 25 in the prospectus..m really confused…pls help me.

  11. ASTU T says:

    Sir, I want to seek your help in preparing biology for AIIMS. Likewise, the books to be strictly follow and extra edge over NCERT along with topics that should be emphasized. I am good at Physics and Chemistry but always confused with the syllabus boundary of Biology.

  12. Pankhuri says:

    Only objective books are enough for aiims along with ncert

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      AIIMS is indeed more conceptual than other entrances and they test your skills. So you solely cannot rely on any objective book.
      The more stronger are your concepts, more are the chances of cracking the exam.
      Doing previous years papers would give you an overall idea about the exam and build up your confidence.
      Most importantly, be thorough with your BASICS….
      Best of Luck.. 🙂

  13. Saloni says:

    I m in 11 from dps bulandshahr how I prepare to crack aiims without coaching

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Starting working hard from the day one. Try building up your concepts well. Do more and more of MCQ’s solving everyday, esp for Biology.
      You need not study for long long hours a day, but be consistent in your studies. And by the time you finish your 12th, NCERT should be on your fingertips.
      And keep in mind, your BASICS should be very strong…!!
      Best of Luck.. 🙂

  14. Karan Mehta says:

    Hello sir ,
    Sir i am a dropper , i want to crack aiims this time due to some reason i was not able to study early i am taking coaching but the syllabus will complete around 30 march. Plz tell me how to prepare?

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Despite being an AIIMS aspirant, you realized it pretty late about cracking it. But don’t think about the past now, focus on the approaching exams.
      Honestly speaking at this point of time, thinking about cracking only AIIMS is incorrect. This is the time to wind up and revise the entire syllabus.
      Speed up, put in a few hours more. Don’t rely on your coaching. It is your self study and your efforts which will give you the fruits.
      Just try to be thorough with your concepts and trust me just stick to your basics, because in AIIMS they test your skills rather than your knowledge.
      Best of luck… 🙂

  15. Adhyayan says:

    How much does an aiims topper scores approximately each year……
    How many marks should i score to get a rank in top 20-30 students…….?????
    Although the marks scored in this paper are not revealed but an estimate can be made…

  16. zeeddy says:

    sir….. problem is that….what to grasp more allen biology module or NCERT…now a days…i cant learn module ryt now bcoz its too n too much …………IF I LEARN NCERT WITH RAHUL CHAWLA SIR BOOK THEN CAN I CORRECT 80/90 in main exam of CBSE AIPMT or manipal/comedk …… i have delhi quota also …..plz reply…………

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Yes, you certainly can. But exam like COMEDK is relatively easy than AIPMT, and doing previous years papers for it will be very helpful.
      Best Of Luck 🙂

  17. sreya95 says:

    hello sir, in 2014 I’ll be giving all the medical entrances… my question is what is important in biology? I mean, I use ncert and dinesh text books. ncert has only basics while dinesh has so much substances… is all that are important? or only the basic things are required? is classification important in pmt or aiims?

    • read ncert again and again…..every line…every dig….mug up ncert….eat ncert…drink ncert….learn as on ur fingertips…..also read txt buk…but focus on ncert….bring dinesh objective also and do lots of ques

  18. arpit says:


    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      As this was the first NEET exam conducted, so there had to be few unfamiliar questions as they took in consideration of all the Syllabi of different states.
      But not to worry, because it is majorly NCERT Based only.
      Inorganic part takes lots and lots of practice, so keep aside a good objective book for it.
      Aakash will guide you in the right way, so just stay focused and keep working hard…!!!
      Good Luck… 🙂

  19. surjit kumar says:

    sir, I am studying in class 11 and preparing for aiims. I am going to prepare for three years(foundation + target) due to age problems (yes, my age would be less than 17 by december).
    I had left coaching because I could not get enough time for self study. Have I done right thing?
    pls answer

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Self study is anytime the best means of studying, but not to forget that coaching institutes always provide an studying atmosphere and prove very helpful at times.
      Coaching + 2 to 3 hrs of Self study could bring great results.
      But it all varies from person to person.
      If your really determined and consistently work hard till the end by yourself, you’ll surely succeed. Because Coaching Institutes don’t do any miracles, the Miracle lies within you!!!
      Good Luck 🙂

  20. dhanusmita barman says:

    plz sir tel me that by start in september is it possible to crack pmt

  21. M.ARVIND SEERVI says:

    I am not a cbse student i m studying in state board tamil nadu i have just started my preparations a month before and i will be writing the entrance exam in 2014. I am studying NCERT books and the study materials u have mentioned. Will i be able to get good marks in the commutatives(NEET AND AIIMS)?

    • rahullmishra says:

      For clearing CBSE-PMT & AIIMS, basic understanding & memory of NCERT texts( of 11th&12th incl.diagrams+summary+examples+points to ponder) is solve mcq’s in phy n chem n revise regularly…manage ur board preparation wid entrance xm preparations..n u wud b able to get through both challenges!

  22. arorasaloni14 says:

    in ip university list of waiting candidates is published but my name is not there..
    i did my schooling from delhi and my air is 68929 and students behind me their names are present….and sir some amount is written against their names which they must have paid but there is no such notices on their website…
    i m really confused….and when i call them they didnt even pick up the phone……should i go to university….please help me out

  23. arorasaloni14 says:

    sir in waiting list of candidates my name is nt there as i did my schooling from delhi and all india rank is 68929…..and i am really confused because amount is displayed before it which they have paid but i didn’t got any notice on their website mentioning such information…please help me out

  24. arorasaloni14 says:

    sir my provisional rank in rohtak medical university is 1800 do u think i can get a mbbs seat

  25. Amit says:

    How much should i score out of 200 in entrance exam of aiims to secure my seat in aiims

  26. Amit says:

    Wat’s the approx. Cutoff for aiims mbbs exam ?

  27. arorasaloni14 says:

    i got 92% in board exams i have prepared hard in 2012 for entrance but didn’t get a college then i took a drop again and this time too it is happening with me i m not able to bag a good college..should i drop one more year or not…….i feel like insulted?
    if yes then how should i prepare for entrance because i think only problem with me is of negative marking……… desperately need your help

    • shushant shandilya says:

      If you get any college this year, take it. Or else just go through your weak points, topics on which you commit negative marking.

      A better way is to make a habit of solving a paper in 3 rounds.
      1st- sure shot ques.
      2nd- complicayed ques which were left in 1st round because it was time consuming but now you get the ans of it.

      3rd- not required if you have crossed the cutoff. And if not yet crossed then go for ques on which you are 80%sure

      • arorasaloni14 says:

        will it be a worth dropping a year more? i m feeling really insulted and totally disheartened…..


      • shushant shandilya says:

        No. Dont feel so. Drop in mbbs is very usual because seats are less and aspirants are huge in no.

      • shushant shandilya says:

        Dont be disheartened. Just catch your weak points and start improving them. Study 4 hrs atleast after coming from coaching. Routine is already in “posts”

  28. abhishek tiwari says:

    respecred mentors,
    i was a regular ccp student of allen i had got 5000 rank in neet and 1000 rank in mp pmt and i m not gettin any govt college…………….so i had joined alen again.
    this year i m thinking of getting a under 50 rank in aipmt/neet…………..for bio i m studying ncert only as ur books are not available…………for chemistry and physics allen module,teachers notes and ncert. i think they are sufficient or sud i hav 2 sove universal or any other objective book for under 50 in neet???

  29. NCERT is the best. I also run a blog partly with the same motive as of this. Visit to know more.

  30. IRSHAD says:


  31. shaikh Nuzhat says:

    im a maharashtra board student n im takin dis yrs drop to gv d entrance nxt yr….. i dnt exactly knw mch abt ncert bks…. so can u plz tel me dat i need to get d ncert text bks n d ncert solns na…???? whr cn i gt d previous yrs pprs…? any suggestion fr a book fr dat den plz tel me….. n plz suggest one bk fr objective n solvin fr chem n phy…. i’l be vry thankful….

    • ncert is a must for neet or aipmt. solve the ques from chem ncert but for physics, examples are enough…. for bio refer to ncert+ rahul sir’s books…
      for previous years buy arihant previous years… available on flipkart..

  32. shashwat tiwari says:

    Sir plz help me its my 5th attemt but m not succes m so dippresd but pmt is my dream without it m not survive plz help me

  33. prachi verma says:

    Plzz…help me!!
    I don’t have any proper time table…my life is so hectic tht I don’t get tym for my personal studies. ..
    Help me out..!!

  34. prachi verma says:

    Wht about akash matrial tht I have bought. ..

  35. satyajeet says:

    Sir acc to supreme courts order, theres gonna be no NEET in 2014, im in a gr8 confusion now, i got a pvt college in my state counselling, next year gonna be more tough , shall i drop a year or go for pvt college whos fees are sky touching?????
    Please answer soon

  36. is GR Bathla(objective) a good book for practising physics questions?
    pls do reply.

  37. $Hivani says:

    do u suggst a boycott of movies & entertainmnt modes in lyf for pmt aspirants?

  38. Rohini Chaudhury says:

    Thank you for these tips. I admit, I didn’t make it this year- mostly because I hadn’t put in all my effort in the preparation and there was a lack of guidance too. But now, I believe, I have found somebody to show me the right way to proceed! Once again, thank you very much. And I also appreciate the wonderful work that the administrators of this blog do. There are no words so as to express the gratitude.


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