Tips for Average students

This post is for those medical aspirants who suffer alot in coaching…who cant make up with the pace by which teachers teach and cant score gud in exams though trying hard….!!!

Hard work always pays…!! This statement holds good only when hard work is done in a right direction..!

Counting on time is waste. Dont think if you will study for 10 hrs you will crack, ppl remain unsuccessful even after studying 14 hrs and some get success with just 4 hrs. Its building concept that matters.

Remove the dilemma that for medical you have to mug up….

Physics- read theory first and visualize the concepts in your mind by raising questions by yourself and answering them.
Go through some solved questions now. Remember the way you have to do various ques. Now solve questions!!! Dont get disheartened if you cant solve. Ask your friend/teacher why your method was wrong and see where to improve. You will observe the improvement…!!!

Chemistry- Nothing to mug up in physical chem….understand the concept. Apply formulae and solve it. For Inorganic stick to NCERT…nothing more than it. What matters here is how many times you have studied it. Make it clear, its not mugging up. Its just revision!! For ORGANIC – you need to stay a little bit out of NCERT and understand the mechanism first. Then apply “Name rxns” on it.

Biology- no tips required yet make it clear 85% bio from NCERT. if you just want to get a good college then just perfect youself in that 85% but if you want to top then only try to do institute packages.

Be confident on youself. Sometimes friends and these coaching institutes seem misguiding but trust us. We wont misguide as we ourself have gone through all this before getting through a college.

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190 Responses to Tips for Average students

  1. Archana says: am a state board student of taming du. I have 5 months left to study for both neet and board by starting fresh can I finish both?can I score more than 500 in neet exam and above 1100 in board Pl reply

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Yes you can. Stick to the concept and not to the types of questions asked. Because pattern is different. But the concept stays the same

  2. jagga says:,how much mark should one need in neet to crack a government seat in bams??

  3. srishti says: i don’t know the correct to study.Please tell me

  4. Soham basu says: am neet 2018 medical aspirant. My position is now I am getting 54% marks in Akash unit test exam. Can I get a chance in neet 2018. My problem is in physics and chemistry. Pls give some tips for scoring better in physics and chemistry.

    • shushant shandilya says:

      You can surely get a decent college. I will put a post soon for how to get into a govt college for average student

  5. Kunal Bansal says:

    I have not studied in +1 and now ihave only one year for both +1 and +2 please tell me how can i prepare all three subjects. Please also tell me that how can i prepare trueman’s elementry for biology our teacher has recommended this book

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Let me make it very clear. I didnt study my 11th as well. You dont need to use trueman for bio. They just misguide ppl. All you need to do is a smart work. I will put an update on this site for everything you need to do to get through any nice govt. College.

      Shushant shandilya

  6. mridul says: what should i do to solve out the problems of physical chemistry..i tried…alot the problems..but i can’t. Solve them in a proper way

  7. sunilkarthick says: read overall biology.but.some bits i can’t recover and ecology part of biology also.becoz they are dry topics.what can i do sir?

  8. Gayathri says: what is the required score in NEET to get into top most governmentcolleges?

  9. abhishek vishnoi says: mentors,
    for NEET ONLY should we read old edition of ncert i.e.,2007or latest one 2016
    thanx all of you mentors really doing a great appreciating work for us..thanx a lot..

  10. Naman Munjal says: I’m in 11th standard & an average student (Score 55-58% only in coaching Tests) and I’m very weak in physics (can score 40-50 marks) In 11th I took coaching from Bikaner and they haven’t completed our syllabus yet.and now i’m planning to go to Allen Jaipur.What Should I will do To do Good my physics.
    Plzz Plzz help me …and reply fast

  11. Raghav says: i am getting 400 rank in helix test series can i crack NEET 2017 my bio is very good.. and i study very hard..

  12. aziz says: i score atleast 350 in bio by reading only ncert and biology @your finger tip pls help.

  13. nano says: have literally wasted a lot of time in my class11. my syllabus never finished on time before my aiats. my rank went back horiblly frm 1900 to 3000 to 5000.but i’ve realised my mistake and i badly want to get into AFMC. though only my marks matter in case eligibility for afmc test but if not afmc, then i want a good NEET rank! i spoiled 1 year. i just read theories and no questions. tell me honestly, if i work really really hard in class 12,can i still get a neet rank in top 200? please respond soon 🙂

  14. Ashish kumar says:, my confidence level is low, i m unable to understand the concept well… I felt myself brilliant till sep 2016 but after i started getting less marks in some tests nd now i m suffering wid lack of confidence… I m in class 10th. I want to prepare for aiims and neet. For this purpose i want to join allen Institute kota. But i m scared of wasting my parents money if i dont get success… What i could do???? I will work hard there but, i think that i have lack of talent and many others r more talented than me. What shud i do????

  15. amaieraa says: m in second year MBBS . my air was538 .I m in gen. It had been two years , I really can’t deal with anything in my life . should I drop out n prepare for aiims

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Dont do this. It will pass. Your career is hard earned. Many just cant get upto where you are today. Feel the responsibility

  16. Aishik kundu says: I am scoring only abouthe 350 in aiats. I have read and memorised ncert by heart. But physics becomes a big problem. Will i get neet by studying ncert as my ranks are 5000+. Also how much should I score to get a government medical college in kolkata?? I am a general student from West bengal. Thanks in advance.

  17. Mansi Sharma says:

    if i get all india rank under 500 in all aiats,even then may i expect rank under 100 in main exam???

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Yes. Ranks in aiats never matters much. Focus on marks and percentage. If you score 80% consistently in every aiats then you can get 100 rank

  18. Here’r my Doubts can u help me ??
    whn i used to start coaching i’as good on all subject also get 87% in 12th but eventually i meet with an accident to cure from it, it takes more thn 2month and now when i join coaching again i faced many problems like crashed half of course
    now i dont kmw what to do to get in the same path help me.. :'(

  19. Hasanujjaman says:

    In neet 2017 why many number will cut off .please give the answer spoon because next day I will go my hostel

  20. sakshi says:

    which book is besy for physics- NCERT or something else???

  21. Pooja says:

    Which solved books I should prefer as being a medical student my physics is not so good and I m dropper

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Even i was a dropper and my physics was really poor but you have to understand that this test is a cumulative one and the addition of all subjects gives you the result. So make your bio and chemistry stronger and then try to do as good as possible in physics . Rest message me if any ydoubt.

  22. I start my Aipmt preparation from beginning of class 12 then would l get success

  23. Bhargavi says: one year preparation enough to crack NEET ? Please suggest me how to prepare for the exam and give me some tips on how to manage time . student of class 11 . with respect and regards

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Devote 3 hrs daily. One hour for bio (ncert) one hour for chemistry which includes one topic and 10 mcqs and one hour for physics

  24. Mansi rai says: is my main prblm and secondly muje sab aate huye v exam mee sab galat karke aati hu.. Kyo hota h me loose Ho rhi hu apne aap me

  25. farheen says: a avg student but very hard worker, I used to study till 4_5 am on daily basis but still my ranking is not good, I feel very depressed when the ranking list pinef up in notice board, not only this even though I revise a topic for 3_4 times but still I found it difficult when I comes in form of questions.. I really want to become a doc… plz give me some useful methods to overcome this

  26. pakruti ranjan says: i am quite good in physics and chemistry but I have not read section of biology I am in class 12 but I have not even completed one fourth of class 11 syllabus I have completed human physiology part only left 4 months and there would be I am in to complete the syllabus in time.the first mistake was I joined engineering institute in place of medical.but I have strong interest in pursuing medical.I have not joined any bio classes.I thought I could cram it but reality is something else now I am in depression sir I request u please guide this wrecked fellow

  27. Abha says:,please tell me how to learn biology meet.
    I am having biology @ your fingertips and Allen’s leader package but I am really confused what to read .Also I would like to mention I am not taking any coaching for bbiology neither I took in class xi and xii.
    Please help how to study bio as I am fine in physics and strong at chemistry.
    But am a little weak in biology.

    • shushant shandilya says:

      If you can trust me, stick to ncert for biology. Everything else is just a waste of time

  28. Abha says:,
    How to learn the biology ncert.I haven’t joined any coaching for biology and I understand everything but it is very difficult for me to learn.I am from U.P.board.
    Please help me sir.

  29. vishal says: I am dropper and I did not get college this year I was thinking to take drop again but sir I was confused to go for big institute or try individual classes coz neet is NCERT and institute teach beyond that sir pls suggest.

  30. Vidhi121 says: iam doin bsc now.. enrolled in first year. I really want to get into a medical college. But I already took two years if drop but could not make it into a medical college.. my parents have strictly told me not to waste any years now. But I cannot do anything except medicine. Will it be possible to crack pmt along with bsc?

  31. ASIF IQBAL says: gave 12th in 2015.phy 50 chm 50 bio 66 english 78.and total 63.25%.SIR am I elligible for NEET 2017?

  32. Amaya singh says:

    Inorganic and organic chem are my main problem and i get depressed when solve questions.what shud i do?

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      When you know what your weak area is, then just work on it. Spend more time on it, clear the basics in it first, and then go for n number of mcq’s solving. Please do not get depressed.

  33. MANASWINI says:

    I m not god at phy so how should i start preparing for it in limited time so that i can score god marks.plz help me

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      It’s a very common problem of medical aspirants. I would suggest you to grab a full grip on chem and bio, so that you score more than 70% in each of them. Once your good in chem, try finishing the topics which are common in both physics and chem like thermodynamics, photoelectric effect etc. After that, you can target modern physics which is relatively easy and scoring section. For remaining topics just study the basics and make sure the formula’s are on your fingertips. And lastly solving mcq’s. That should help you.

  34. sumi says:

    I got 62% in 12 board and PCB 58% and PCB + English 60.75% but I got grace in physics theory 18 and practical 23 total 41 I got 3marks grace in theory so sir I want to know if I’m eligible to appear in aipmt/neet aiims exam or not plz sir kindly reply me as soon as possible thank u

  35. Sangmitra says:

    Only 22 days are left ….
    Hwo should i start … for aipmt full slybous?

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Just revise everything whatever you have studied. Do not study anything new. Cram all the formulas of physics and chemistry. And just do as many papers as possible everyday.

  36. Ansh gupta says:

    I dropped one year and the time left is appx. 4 months for AIPMT still think that I can’t make it… so what to do but I really want to become a doctor

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Ask this question after you’ve failed because you still have 4 months in your hands. You also have same chances of getting a seat as others have. So stop worrying about the results, work hard towards your dream, you’ll surely succeed.

      • Sree says:

        I’ve got 73% in 12th standard.
        I am planning to do go for entrance coaching this year.
        I’m very bad in maths. I’m afraid of numbers. I can’t do simple calculations without a calculator. So I will perform really bad in phy and chem problems. I don’t know what to do. Though I am very good in biology and can understand just by listening in the class. Now my fear of numbers is being a big obstacle on my journey to become a doctor.. Please tell me what to do. Because of this i’m planning to go abroad. If you think its hard in my case I’ll go abroad plz help me decide.

      • Deepak Dwivedi says:

        If you know what your weak at, then why don’t you just try working at those areas. Solving numericals is not a tough task, initially it may take some time but the more and more you keep practising you’ll get better at it and even your pace of tackling the numericals and solving the maths will become easier. But all you’ve got to do is practice.
        Have hope in yourself, try it, and you’ll surely improve.

  37. hrishika gupta says:

    Sir I am getting around 2000 Rank in aakash aiats without full preparation.i have always some chapters left.I really want to crack aipmt. will I be able to do it

  38. aahana says:

    i have 4 months for my pmt and i haven’t prepared in that way yet and i really want to make it to a gmc on my own besides my chemistry is average and i usually get stuck in simple multiplication and division while solving the numericals….please help me and suggest something

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Practice. This is all i can suggest for you. Because in most of the cases people tend to lose marks due to so called “silly mistakes”. But remember no mistake is ever silly, until it’s taking your one mark.
      So solve numericals, try improving your calculation part and also try improving your speed so that you don’t waste much time over it.
      Gradually it’ll take time, but once you gain the momentum you’ll be less prone to make this simple multiplication errors.

  39. Simran singh says:

    Are ncerts enough for aiims

  40. RAHUL JOSHI says:

    Sir pls pls reply to my question as soon as u can i m very tensed that can i hope selection in aipmt after scoring 496 out of 720 in aiats test 1 after seeing the key and pls predict my rank pls pls pls reply sir

  41. Arav devsing parekh says:

    Sir i need urgent advice. I took a year drop for med prep but scored 384 in aipmt gen cet. In state counselling i may get a pvt college but i only want to do mbbs frm gmc . But my parents r too insecure & want me 2 go to pvt on fee of 50 lakh.i was very good in academics in school.& want a gmc.i have done a thorough analysis of mistakes i made & want 2 give my 130%.i took thngs too casually & am repending 4 same. Should i try 4 top gmc’s by taking 2nd drop?

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      I will not suggest you to take a private college. That’s an option only when you aren’t willing to study and your parents have ample of money. If you are confident that you’ll give your 100%, give another attempt with full devotion. Even if you don’t get through next time, you always have an option of getting a private college.

  42. dhruv says:

    pls suggest me a single book other than NCERT for biology which can be helpfull for all exams . I have your 2 refered books also but it is for last time revision .

  43. Renu says:

    Sir I hav given pmts but I didn’t score well in any I think that iam an average student it must be because of lack of confidence or so . I have joined bhms in Du college but iam not satisfied with it . iam seriously crying after seeing the college and the crowd . I don’t know what to do . pls guide me . will I drop a year and do coaching ? If yes then which coaching institute I should join . and do u think that I can do bhms and side by side can prepare for pmt iam seriously depressed and don’t know what to do ?pls guide me

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      If you are a fresher, you should consider taking a drop. Give your 100%. Have faith in yourself. Read my past posts on how to prepare. If you are already a dropper then it’s entirely up to you whether you want to bear all that pain once again or you want to change your field of interest. If you don’t get into a medical college, that’s not an end to your life and dreams.

  44. RIJUL says:

    sir only 1 question.. but your reply is must..
    sir kya koi 8 months pdh ke aipmt clear kr skta hai ??

  45. Jessy says:

    I’m in aakash and my bio teachers always prepare questions for all tets from aakash packages.but I can’t learn such vast syllabus in such a small time due to which I read NCERT (thoroughly).what should I do?teachers never pay attention when I get an average rank

  46. Hiii, sir i want to ask u smthng imp sir i scored 66% in 12th exam and i won’t think that i can crack aipmt 2015. would u think i am capable of trying fr aipmt 2016 or not.. or should i join something else..And if i’m supposed to then what coaching centres i join to crack.??

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      You seem to have lack of confidence!
      Don’t let others judge you on your marks basis and neither should somebody else decide your future.
      Be clear about your future,what you want to become and then start working towards it.

  47. Progya says:

    Sir, I just gave my 12th boards and my scores are.. Physics-90, chemistry-95 , biology-95.. I had maths too.. Except Comedk, I cud mot qualify other exams.. I dnt want to waste an year for re-preparation, so shall I take admission in any engineering college or shall give a 2nd try to it for next year ??

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Why let somebody else decide your future?
      Just listen to what your heart says, and do that.

  48. Gul says:

    Sir.. Really good work by u ….really appreaciate that …god bless u all….:-)

  49. nidhi singh says:

    i have to clear cpmt this year give me some tips or which books that are more imp. for cpmt i didnt any coaching or mainly problems in physics but i joined test series for cpmt

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Buy a book for cpmt last year papers (mtg) and try solving it. If you can solve it easily then try dc pandey for physics and op tandon for chemistry. Ncert should be thorough NCERT

  50. nidhi singh says:

    hi actually in this tym im so doubtfull this is my bsc last year or i didnt coaching of medical but i have to clear this year this is my next time previous year i had given exam but nt so good rank im so confused give me some tips what should i do or how

  51. Vijaybharti says:

    Sir I hav got 60000 (gen) rank in Neet.. Out of frustration n disappointment I hav joined a bhms college. But I’m not satisfied here. Should I again go for its preparation or should I continue with bhms”? Plz help

  52. Jaskaran singh says:

    Sir, I am getting 60-70% in aakash aiats and A.I.R . Can I get a good medical college in Punjab Or by Comedk or IPU or MANIPAL???

    • Jaskaran singh says:

      And sir my rank in Aakash aiats is about 7123…

    • shushant shandilya says:

      7000 rank is not that good in aiats. You need to work hark on your rank. If you can come under 5000 in aiats you can crack a seat in comed k

  53. naina biswas says:

    Sir , for physics which buk shud i buy GRB or universal ?

  54. Madhukar says:

    sir,I secure 72%mark in 12classs and I can’t afford coaching from a institute to crack aipmt so what I can do

    I have only 5 month ….plz help me

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Coaching is not that necessary. You can try solving last year papers. As time is high now so concentrate on solving papers as much as you can. Atleast do one paper a day and by that you can make out your weak part or chapter in which you lag behind

  55. Bhavya says:

    respected sir,
    I had already consulted u bt self study .I wanted to know if ncert and uss in chemistry and physics is sufficient or a should also go for aakash package .esp organic as I really want to understand it .pl. help me I don’t want to waste my time uselessly.
    thanks a lot

  56. annu says:

    me in 11 class medical I have spent my 6 months unusually and I can not understand anything till noe yet me unable to make the balanace in subjects and time management wht I have to do

  57. Bhavya says:

    hello sir,
    I am dropping this yr for pmt I attended 2 yr coaching and now I am totally scared of it wasting my time and money instead I am self studying and later I will take up test series .CAN U PL. GUIDE ME FOR MY PREP. ROUTINE
    GR8 WORK !

    • shushant shandilya says:

      if you stay away from coaching institutes, you won’t get to know about the level of competition around you. So if u choose to stay at home, stay foccussed and you should give 10 hrs at least, so divide it. like 4 hrs from get up to lunch and 4 hrs after lunch to dinner and 2 hrs before sleep.

  58. unsa says:

    I am a average student i score only 74prcnt in 12th and i am going to take admission in it right for me or will i crack aipmt next year…please help…

    • shushant shandilya says:

      you can. and by gods grace you will. just give your best. i have seen ppl with 60% cracking good colleges. Best of luck

  59. Vishavjeet Singh says:

    sir,i am good at bio but organic chemistry gives me trouble
    also trignometry or math formulae based numericals in physics suffer me a lot I am in 12 class.plz give me some tips

    • shushant shandilya says:

      dont panic, you are in 12th now, and trigonometry based physics questions don’t contribute into the paper that much. it might come in dimension or in mechanics but it is not that difficult. so don’t go that deep. study what is useful. Organic chemistry should be doe thoroughly thrice at least but don’t try to mug up the Name reactions. get the concepts like nucleophilic attack, M effect, E effect

  60. seena says:

    is grb physics sufficient for scoring above 160 in physics in aipmt

    • shushant shandilya says:

      a book will never determine your efficiency. Its the amount of questions and their variety which will help u to enhance ur efficiency. Stick to any one book. get ur concepts from coaching, tuition, or self and then solve as much questions as u can.

  61. seena says:

    i got 17000 rank in aipmt after a year drop.should i drop 2nd year again or prepare for pmt alongwith bsc.please reply soon.

    • shushant shandilya says:

      you should drop. because when you want to become a doctor, and want to give one more year, then give your best. stick to one course.
      best of luck

  62. i m 12th passed student this aim is to become a doctor but my 12th boards is not too gud in pcb nd i didnt take any coaching till now.what to do next?

  63. Rose says:

    i’ve passed 12th (cbse) last year (64%) after which i’ve spent a year going for medical entrance coaching in a reputed coaching institute. i’ve wasted these 3 years of my life. i haven’t studied anything. i scored distinction in 10th (icse). i’m going to spend another year in self study for entrance and i just can’t afford to waste another year. i choose to join mbbs ’cause i know i have it in me to clear the entrance if i work hard and keep my lazyness at bay. i need to start from the very beginning. i’m clueless. please give me guidance on how to plan my year ahead and how to work in order to clear the entrance. will a year be sufficient ’cause i need to start from the basics. :'(
    -desperately waiting for a reply.

  64. husain says:

    I m very weak in organic chemistry what should I do??????

  65. harry says:

    Sir,my aakash aiats rank lingers between 20-30 and sometimes near chemistry is very good.physics creates a problem,the +2 chapters. Please suggest do i get into top 5 or top 10.can i get a seat in aiims or mamc.thank you in advance

  66. aastha says:

    Useful article…help me I want to clear aiims Delhi my aiats ranks have been 25, 50, 103 & 58 in diff Aiats but I m drowning in chemistry…pls help……

    • aastha says:

      Sir..pls do reply…I m in desperate need of help

      • shushant shandilya says:

        Aiats rank wont predict your aiims delhi rank. But your pecentage must be 85 in every test. Moreover aiims syllabus is most ill defined. You should stick to your package but for practice purpose you should solve variety of questions and for that you should use trueman. No inorganic in ncert is not sufficient for aiims. Read aakash package for that

    • rahullmishra says:

      Firstly, have faith…as per ur AIATS ranks, u’r sure to get a good medical college if u continue in the same way.Till now, u must have completed most-part of ur syllabus….and doing revision is the only solution…don’t try to mug-up whole reactions/equations in chem…rather focus on “what basic thing happening in the reaction”..and then see the exception of that general pattern.(must revise ncert-tables)..solve many mcqs.(From now till march focus more on Board-exams if u’r a 12th class student..good luck

      • aastha says:

        Sir should I study inorganic chem. From my modules and ncert only or should I refer to some side books for aiims level..and even organic chem.

      • Deepak Dwivedi says:

        Now its not the time to study, instead you have to start doing quick revision. So take aside a Good Objective book like Arihant and start solving n number of questions daily for both organic and inorganic. The more you practice, the more you learn.
        Best Of Luck 🙂

  67. Aastha kamboj says:

    Hiii.i need ur help..i am aastha student of aakash 2 yr program.i am in 12. I scored 25 air in firsy aiats..40 air in 2 aiats..anf 102 rank in 3 aiats..pls help me in improv my rank i want to be in aiims delhi..when i hear topper interbiew.they recommend trueman snd op tsnfom..but i stick to my packages only..culd u pls tell me if it is sufficient…and is inorg chem from ncert in aiims too.nd what shud be aiats rank range for aiims delhi pls help

  68. Sarika says:

    right now im in 11th grade and i don’t think that i m doing that great and im scared
    im taking coaching from allen kota chd
    im not understanding how should i manage my time and how to study to aleast score above 100 rank in aimpt 2015

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Just go to coaching every day and go through whatever you have been taught that day, and solve some related questions. Thats it

  69. payal says:

    Sir, will it be ok to join aakash test series “or” practicing previous years questions for AIPMT 2014 would be enough?

  70. arorasaloni14 says:

    i have dinesh objective books for all three subjects and aakash packages……do i need to study another books i really want to get into aiims

  71. yash says:

    Ok.. should i enroll for aakash package being in allen ccp

  72. yash says:

    What? are you average ? and got mamc!?

  73. yash says:

    Its easy to undetstnd while being taught but once its all over i find it difficult to revise. And sir i sometime feel guilty of going against what these coaching teachers say and feel that it might be the reason for not geting selected last year.

    • shushant shandilya says:

      I am not telling you to go against them dear, they say keeping in mind that you are very good in studies. But avg students face the difficulty. As i was an avg student so i better knw the hardships…!!!

  74. monika says:

    its my 3 drop i m in allen ccp how to manage time my inorganic chem,physics are weak i got 20000 rank in neet what should i do

    • shushant shandilya says:

      You stick to ncert for inorganic. And for physics try reading the solution solved questions from allen package and start conceptualising how it has been solved.

  75. yashkumar says:

    Thank you for helping. One more thing they say “no need for ncert inorganic we have covered ncert in class notes . Do only notes .moreover ncert text are complex and disorganised..”

    • shushant shandilya says:

      If you feel that their notes is easy learning and you can memorise it, then only do it. Otherwise follow NCERT. After all it is the bible for Pmt Aspirants

  76. yashkumar says:

    Should i do the bio material fot state . And teachers also suppose us to read materials buy making tests more of material based

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Yes they do so just to promote their books. For state pmts, you can do those package a little bit

  77. yashkumar says:

    But as u know we have 6-7hrs clss x 6 days. How to manage.

    • shushant shandilya says:

      You will have to manage dear. Routine has been made keeping in mind that morning classes would be there upto 3. And by 4 pm you have to start your self study.

  78. yashkumar says:

    Its my 2nd drop. Last yr i had taken coaching frm allen and got 19k rank in neet. Now i hv taken admsn at allen . how to study this time?

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Check the post. Try to follow the routine if you can. You can do much better . You will definitely improve

  79. payal says:

    Sir, I am taking third year drop, i am very weak in inorganic chemistry. isomers type questions confuse me a lot. can you help me, which book i should prefer?

    • arihant inorganic is very good , for details call on 9015260596

    • shushant shandilya says:

      No need to buy any book for inorganic. None of the ques comes out of NCERT in inorganic. Just read NCERT many times to memorise it

      • payal says:

        thanks sir! one more thing i want to ask, is it good to take third year drop? I am doing self study this time.I had done one year coaching from Aakash. Its August, what should be my strategy and routine to crack AIPMT this time. In Physics,which book i should consider for “friction” and “pulley system” problems kindly reply will help me a lot…

      • shushant shandilya says:

        Dont make a mess. Just go through the package and the portion which seems difficult to you, refer its solved questions from aaksah package itself.

      • shushant shandilya says:

        Girls usually dont take a third drop. Even if you are ready to bear the immemse pressure on you, and if you are so much determined for MBBS, then your drop is worth.

        #Best of luck

    • rakesh says:

      what is retro spective study ???

      • shushant shandilya says:

        Retrospective study is basically a study in which a search is made for a relationship between one (usually current) phenomenon or condition and another that occurred in the past.

  80. hi sushant! bro need your help how to improve my scores, got just 410/720 plse help?

  81. hi sushant! a old friend dieing for your help got 410/720 just help how to improve???

  82. roshni kashyap says:

    hello sir
    please tell me which books to prefer for assertion reason????

  83. pratiksha bhatt says:

    Thanx alot!!!!!
    I really need it….can u plz tell me wht shu we study for aiims.
    I mean in bio is ncert is enough????
    And wht in physcs nd chemistry(physcl chem,inorgnc & organic)

    • shushant shandilya says:

      I Will Be posting for Aiims seperately very soon…

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Aiims is a test for which you shud prepare from the very begining. Biology at your finger tips is a must and along with it do, old Publication of NCERT.

      Physics shud be very much clear to you conceptually. Those questions are often found in “Trueman”…

      For chemistry if you go through OP Tandon page by page… can do miracles!!!

  84. dinesh singh says:

    very nice and useful tips 7 hope u will continue to provide same in future.

  85. nice of you to put up this article as no one ever bothers for poor and average students. congrats to you that you read in mamc.

    • shushant shandilya says:

      This site bothers…!!! You guys can leave your queries here and it will be sorted out asap…Best Of Luck

  86. sweet16242 says:

    Thnax a lot fr dis post its realy helpful 🙂 bt can u plz tel me wat do u exactly mean by doin d modules in bio….? r u talkin abt all d modules in ncert or smthn else….????????

    • shushant shandilya says:

      I mean some kind of pakkage from any institute as preffered. The way these institute teach is wrong but their package is worth reading…

      • sweet16242 says:

        wel im nt takin any coaching… n im takin a drop to appear nxt yr…. bt hearin dis frm u gts me a little insecure…. i mean is der any other substitute fr d modules dat u hv suggested…? i really wanna score vry wel….

      • shushant shandilya says:

        Take the distance learning programe…!!

      • sweet16242 says:

        I didnt knw der is smthn as sch also…. bt nw i’l find out abt dat definitely… thnx a lot sir 🙂

      • shushant shandilya says:

        Its famous as DLP. Every coaching institute offers this. Under which, packages will be sent to your address.

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