Books to reffer

       Theory:- coaching package is enough.
        Ques.:- Trueman (enough)

        Theory:- NCERT
        Ques:- O.P. Tandon (sufficient)

        Theory:- NCERT (Bible) for AIPMT
                        Biology @ fingertips (extra)
        Ques:- any biology ques bank (MTG)

If you will stick to this then it will help you only. Otherwise like me after reading many kind books you will find it waste of time on the day of exams.

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29 Responses to Books to reffer

  1. abhishek vishnoi says: mentors,
    for NEET ONLY should i prefer old edition of ncert i.e.,2007 or the latest one i.e.,2016

  2. husain says:

    sir how many questions should practice daily in each subject to get top ranks? 3 months r left for aipmt.

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Varies for each subject. Like for Bio you can solve 100 ques in about an hour, but for physics and chem it may take little longer.
      It depends on how many hours you put in, in a day. But solving atleast 1 or 2 previous years papers is a must and will be very helpful.
      Best of Luck… 🙂

  3. payal says:

    Sir, is MTG books for Physics and Chemistry 26 years of previous questions for AIPMT good? or am i wasting my time on it?

  4. shrikant says:

    sir i have bought books BIOLOGY-ncert,truemans biology,dinesh objective biology CHEMISTRY-ncert,dinesh objective chemistry PHYSICS-NCERT,HCV,pradeeps objective physics. ARE THESE BOOKS ENOUGH FOR AIPMT AND AIIMS if i practice them along with previous 10 years ques. papers?

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Yes, its absolutely fine. For Physics, please don’t lay more emphasis on H.C.Verma. NCERT and Pradeep’s Objective will do your job 🙂

  5. raghav says:

    Ok Thanks for replying

  6. shivam+sharma says:


  7. raghav says:

    I have universal for physics. DO i need to go for trueman (i hav 8 months time). nd what for chem ? Op tandon is a theory book i guess

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Op tandon objective for chem and universal is fine for physics.

    • necab says:

      i feeling difficuty in doing AR question of aiims , specially in option A and B . the answer which seems to be A would not be A but B i tried to read the topic thoroughly from ncert but somehow i cannot judge the answer .in many QS explanation also it will be given that “although reason and assertion are both correct and RELATED but not the correct explanation ” what is this ?? plzz help how to solve such types of question .i can solve iit level question correctly but get struck to this

      • shushant shandilya says:

        Practise. Nothing else. Dont argue with the ans. Rather try to agree with it by thinking why is this option chosen

  8. deepak says:

    I am a dropper . At allen. should i do only ncert if i am aiming rank under 1000 in aipmt and save time for phy and chem. Because in neet i got 79 in phy and 74 in chem. 250 in bio

  9. Aayushi goel says:

    u r doing a phenomenal work..superb..!..u made the difference..a great example for others..keep up the good work..n i hope i will soon join you after getting a good medical college n will help u in helping others ..

  10. Aayushi goel says:

    i wnt 2 ask tht what should be expecting rank range in aipmt for Maharashtra seth or grant med. colleges..m a dropper n a delhi resident but i dnt hv delhi quota bz 4 tht u mst hv done 12th frm a delhi regular school n i did my 12th frm nios(ntnl inst. of open schlng).. m sure nios eligible in aipmt stupidity.. i left my school after completing 11th to save time 4 self msundrstn tht still i’ll hv quota..lost 85% selection in good delhi med collgs..i think what i hv best now is in maharashtra

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Study hard now. You will have to come under 500 in open merit list in AIPMT to get seth G.S. or Grant…!!!

  11. Zishan Khoja says:

    sir now biology@your fingertips is not available so which book do you suggest for biology for non cbse exams like gujcet,bhupmt etc.
    also i am using aakash dlp alongwith ncert is it enough

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