Giving A Crispy Edge to Revision for AIPMT-2014


As the spring approaches for non-medicos, it becomes even more chilling for the PMT aspirants. With less than two months to go for the most awaited event of their lives (so far) i.e. the grand AIPMT-2014  the hubbub is in the air. I suggest you to hold-on-your-nerves, (u’ve  really strived so far and so) maintain your confidence and have faith.

For many still getting revising-strategy difficulties (from where and what to revise),we present u a 2-step plan for each subject as following…..

STEPS     PHYSICS          CHEMISTRY                    BIOLOGY
1st2nd           NOTES Quick Revision1.Solve MCQs based on EACH FORMULA given in NCERT Text(Tabulated at the end of each chapter)-Source of MCQ’s : Your Notes or Any Std. MCQ book

2.Read  POINTS TO PONDER of each chapter and solve NCERT examples in Modern Physics and Optics.

       NOTES  Quick Revision1.Solve NCERT Example Questions mainly in PHYSICAL{on each eqn./formula given in NCERT text}And  Inorganic

2.Have a quick look on all reactions given in ORGANIC(both 11th & 12th  Textbooks)


       NOTES  Quick Revision (Majorly focus on NCERT related points for AIPMT)1.“NCERT Text book” –Focus on all DIAGRAMS[and sub-scripts], TABLES and CHARTS

2.Memorize EXAMPLES of each categories from Diversity till Ecology as given in NCERT only(e.g. Plants with- Axile Placentation, Twisted Aestivation, Cork, & Physiological changes at High altitude etc..etc..)



Follow the above and try to  complete the both steps by the end of this month{for droppers(or rather INVESTORS) or by the 12th April for  Fresher}.And for Rest of the time solve Full-Length mock test Papers based on AIPMT and keep referring to ncert books.Last but not the least “AVOID SILLY MISTAKES”

Good Luck, Give it a final-finishing touch, so that nothing important is left-untouched.

Be boosted up-u’ll surely come-up with flying colours(if u’ve honestly made efforts He’d reward you for sure)!!!!

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10 Responses to Giving A Crispy Edge to Revision for AIPMT-2014

  1. krishna singh says:

    siri am dropper the thing is that i study physics throughout the yearbut i m unable to score in it can u list me a few chapters so that i can score average marks in it?and kindly suggest me that should i go 4 odr books also for bio for aipmt and neet?

  2. Animesh says:

    Sir, i have revised physics theory twice n made a formula chart of each chapter….nw i m confused wich objective buk shud i refer for AIPMT- dinesh obj or MTG NCERT @ ur fingertips?

  3. Pradeepika says:

    Sir what are the important topics for JIPMER entrances? What are the level of questions asked? NCERT level or above it? Do they repeat previous year questions? Are the questions more difficult than AIPMT?

  4. Prateeksha Saxena says:

    Sir, what are the type and level of questions in MGIMS? Is it at par with AIPMT or higher than it?
    And do the questions get repeated in AIPMT and AIIMS? I mean is it beneficial to solve previous year question papers for them?

  5. EHTESHAM says:

    sir, how should i manage time when solving physics problems

    • rahullmishra says:

      Don’t wander in applying various formulas…just focus on language of question to get apt formula/trick…… and don’t do any calculation/silly mistake..

  6. Nikhil Jain says:

    Helo sir.. Vry mch thanks to u.. U r doin a gr8 job.. I m a resident n student of delhi…. I pased xii in 2013 vid cbse bord vid 80% marks.. I wan admision in mamc ya ucms.. So how mch rank i shud get in aipmt from general catogory n approx how many marks..

  7. Vishal says:

    Seems hlpful..
    Thnks, sr

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