Strategy to follow for the AIPMT for the last one month.

Good basics – Not all questions are difficult. Most of the questions only appear difficult because you busy were learning the tough chapters and left out the basics.
Practice tests – The more you practice the more confident you are. Helps improve your speed and approach towards questions. There are always a few favourite and repeated questions. Practice tests will help you find them and answer them in less than a second.
Prepare wisely – Know which chapters have more weightage and concentrate more on those chapters. You CANNOT make mistakes in those few chapters.
Time – Time is the villain. No matter how hard you study and how good your basics are, if you can’t manage your time, everything’s going down the gutter. Do not waste time on questions you don’t know. And mock tests help in learning how to manage time.
Read the question properly – In the process of managing time we tend to misread the questions. So read the question properly
Scores – Every time you take a test, check your score. Check where you stand and always aim high. If you want to end up in top college, you can’t be happy with your score if it is not very very good. Having said that, do not get disheartened if you don’t score well.
There is always a next test and a scope to improve.
Health – Last but not the least. You can’t become a good doctor if you are not in good health yourself. So take care of yourself. Nothing is more important than your health.

All the very best !!

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11 Responses to Strategy to follow for the AIPMT for the last one month.

  1. samrat says:

    bro today i checked my aiims score card- i got 1889 rank. i am general, is there any chance for me to attend 4th open counselling?

    • Rishav Raj Chaudhary says:

      Listen it’s pretty difficult to say that you’d get any seat in all the three counselling considering yourself a general candidate. But there might be shot in fourth or open counselling so get your documents ready and be concerned .

  2. arpita jha says:

    aipmt ke through sirf state jiska domicile hai wahi seat milti hai ya all over india kahi ki bhi?

    • Rishav Raj Chaudhary says:

      AIPMT contains 15 ℅ seats in almost every government medical colleges across India. So you need not to show domicile at all.

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      All india mein kahi bhi seat mil sakti hai, depending on your rank.

  3. Rajeev Kumar says:

    what is status of your book being released for physics and chemistry

  4. Thanks for the strategy sir . Can u plz give a study methodology for all PCB ? Like , how do u actually study effectively a particular subject ? And prepare without going to coaching centres ..?

    • rishavrajchaudhary says:

      First of all I’d like to emphasis about the importance of a coaching centre. It helps you to make and follow a routine so you should try to make an impeccable routine giving almost equal importance to every subjects. Secondly, it helps you to practice papers such that you’d feel comfortable during exams. So you’ve to practice mock test papers within given time period.
      You don’t have to study a particular subject for longer duration like more than 2 or 3 rather you should divide your time among all the three subjects and always try to solve 50 ques of each subjects daily.
      Good luck !

  5. akanksha rout says:

    thankyou so much rishabh sir sir i wanted one from small help from u..could you please help me sir

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