Physics and Chemistry at your fingertips releasing soon!

Hi guys 🙂

Finally, I gathered courage to take a break from my residency to work on my incomplete projects.

Yayy 😀

So! Excited?

I know the wait has been quite long. It’s been more than 5 years that the manuscript of the books have been lying in my bookshelf. But I couldn’t get time to get them publish. It’s really difficult to find time out of your hectic residency schedule . Meanwhile, I was also forced to file a law suit against Galgotia publications because of delay in releasing revised edition of biology at your fingertips and non payment of royalty for last 3 years. This is the reason why they have stopped publishing the book further. (Though It is still being sold through some unofficial channel. Contact the publisher in case you aren’t finding it on-line)

Anyway, so Now I’ve taken a little break from my job and I am restarting the work from scratch. And here I need your help. This time I’ll be publishing the books on my own. Hence a huge investment would be required from my side. So before I proceed, I really need an assurance from your side that at least the number of copies I plan to print in the first edition would get sold. The plan is to release 2500 copies in the first lot. I request you to send me your confirmation by messaging orvwriting a wall post or commenting on the following link

Just write a brief message. Even a plain ‘yes’ will do. Alternatively, you can message me on my Facebook profile, or send me a mail or just leave a comment on this post.

If I get at least 2500 messages, in next 1-2 months, I can dare to go ahead with my plan. If not, I would rather wait for appropriate time when I have enough resources to pursue the project further.

Please Like and share the information as much as possible. 3 years back I left creating more videos on my youtube channel because the response had been quite cold from your side and nobody was sharing the video on social network. So let everyone know that the books are being launched soon.

And Please don’t expect much of an activity on my blog for coming two months. I’ll be busy with editing work. Would try to release the book before Feb next year. But again, can’t commit. Unlike Biology, the physics and chemistry books are voluminous and require precise editing. Hence, keep patience 🙂

Besides, unrelated to the medical entrances, Something very exciting coming up very soon 😀

Can’t disclose right now. You can follow me here to stay updated.

Till then, Happy Studying 🙂

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Doctor, Neurologist (MBBS, M.D, DM Neurology AIIMS New Delhi) Author of Physics @ your fingertips and Biology @ your fingertips. Writer of Hazaaron Khwaahishein (hindi novel). Website: Personal Blog:
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6 Responses to Physics and Chemistry at your fingertips releasing soon!

  1. Abhishek Chatterjee says:

    Yes, I need both your physics and chemistry at fingertips

  2. Pooja says:

    Yes! Eagerly waiting for both physics and chemistry books! I have your biology at your fingertips and handbook both! They’re both amazing! Sir, please release these books soon

  3. Prashant Maurya says:

    Yes….release them soon!!

  4. Rituraj Maurya says:

    YES i am waiting. Just one month ago i bought your bio book that was amazing.

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