What you shouldn’t indulge in during preparation for NEET or JEE

What you shouldn’t indulge in during preparation for NEET or JEE

The list is subjective. Few things are permissible but they won’t help you in anyway except draining you out and wasting your precious time. So act sensibly and listen to your consciousness. Here’s my list of don’ts. If there’s some thing you don’t agree with, feel free to share 🙂

  • Alcohol/smoking/PUB G/ Instagram influencing/ any sort of addiction

  • Discussion on politics: Be it online or offline, your opinion on any political scenario of this country doesn’t matter to anyone. So for two years, be completely apolitical.

  • Dating: While this is the time when sex hormones are at play, but remember my dear friend, you wouldn’t want to curse yourself for engaging in such time consuming activity. I am totally against the idea of ‘falling in love’ , having a short fling or dating at such a crucial junction ofyour life. There are instances where two friends of opposite sex, who initially used to study together, get separated during the course of preparation. And then either of them is not able to cope up with the break up. Hence it’s better that not to get yourself in that zone. Stay away from any such commitment/dating/relationship/courting/timepass/friendship that may hamper your study. Make friends – but discuss only studies, nothing else.

Kota Factory sort of stories do exist in real life but in majority of cases, it doesn’t lead to a fruitful result in competitive exams. So decide your priorities first and act accordingly.

Participation in school extracurricular events should be avoided unless necessary and should be limited to activities which do not demand additional time to practice.

  • Wasting time in chit-chatting, unnecessarily thinking, gossip mongering etc

  • Stay away from useless friends and relatives. Avoid going to parties, functions, weddings etc until necessary.

  • Don’t watch TV serials (Seriously! It offers nothing). Don’t watch any series on Netflix/Amazon Prime. They are highly addictive. You may watch a movie on your laptop once in a while as stress buster.

Do not Overthink. Do not crib about bad results in tests. Do not be Jealous with your friends. Do not get anxious or depressed if they score better than you. And never ever lose faith in Yourself.

Source: Physics at Your Fingertips

There is a detailed list of do’s and don’ts given in the book. It is also posted on my blog and also on my space NEET at Your Fingertips. Please follow the space for more such tips and advice.

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