Strategy for NEET PHYSICS part 2

Physics is the most dreadful subject for NEET aspirants (atleast it appears to be :D)

I hated physics. Simply because it involves mathematical calculations. And I hated mathematics. But in order to get myself a seat in India’s top colleges, I needed to have a good command in Physics. So, I tackled it via smart study.

I didn’t knew how to solve many a tough questions in practice papers but I went on to top All india medical entrance examination with highest marks in Physics. It could happen because I knew what was to be studied and what was to be ignored. I will share my strategy in detail if you would ask me to. For the time being, here are some points worth pondering upon.

Understanding is the key. Understand text first. Your concepts should be crystal clear.

PRACTICE questions regularly from a standard objective book or coaching assignment.

Get your doubts cleared there and
then. Mark hard questions so that while revision you can have a look at them. You should read text given in NCERT at least once. Mark important stuff which you can revise later on.

Also solve NCERT examples and questions in Physics. It will be helpful for your board preparation as well. Droppers who haven’t solved NCERT before should not do it now. It will be not as productive for them.

Physics at your fingertips will be your companion throughout the course of preparation. Use it after you have covered the topic from standard
textbook/coaching notes. It has got extra space left intentionally so that you can add your own points for easy revision. You may include additional points in my book using space provided under ‘My notes’ section or using stick on and pasting it on the side of topic so that anything important is not missed.

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