A note for the parents of students preparing for NEET & JEE

Dear parents of this exceptionally talented kid, you all must be waiting for that day when JEE/NEET results will be out and you will be celebrating his/her success. But do you know there are around one million students who prepare for coveted engineering and medical entrance examinations separately.

Every child is different and you can’t really compare yours with Sharma ji’s or Verma ji’s. Before expecting anything from your children, you should have an over all assessment of their capabilities. All parents want their children to be successful in life. But to be successful, doesn’t really mean they should do something they don’t want to. At the same time performance in a medical/engineering entrance examination shouldn’t really be a benchmark of excellence.

This is just the beginning of a long struggle. It’s true that our middle class dreams and aspirations can’t think much beyond engineering or medical, but you should realise that only a few thousand among those lakhs can achieve that milestone. What about the rest of students and their parents?

This is just a small examination and there will be plenty more to come. There’s nothing to feel embarrassed about your child’s performance. The success ratio in these competitive exams is merely 1-2% . Only 10,000 will get into good engineering or medical colleges.

Not everyone is made to excel academically. It is competition, not a business. If you are paying fees for your kid’s education, that doesn’t mean at the end of two years your kid will be selected.
I was an all India topper of medical entrance examinations. 10 years down the line, many of my friends who couldn’t crack medical entrances have done something else in life and have been highly successful. If pay package is the benchmark of success in your eyes, then many of my ‘unsuccessful’ friends are earning way more than me. So, who is more successful now? Me or them? Perhaps both. Perhaps none. But definitely not one of them.

Every failure is a great opportunity. . Prepare your children for bigger exams in life. Prepare your children to handle defeat. Motivate them to study hard. Actively involve with them in their preparation period.

It is good to know regarding their where about, what they are pursuing apart from studies, if they are coming back to home on time, if they are in a good company. But at the same time, trust them. Please don’t pressurise your child. Do not over expect. Be realistic. Be gentle. Be caring and understanding, specially in this crucial time.

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