A letter from a cancer survivor: An inspirational story of a NEET Aspirant

Rahul Sir,

I suffered from leukemia when I was in class 10th i.e in d year 2012…the long treatment procedure and the long stays at the hospital..the metal and emotional turmoil , my deteriorating health and the fear of death effected my studies..i was always good at studies and since my childhood i nurtured the dream of becoming a doctor..but my fate changed my whole life..at times I even thought of suicide as i was not able to apply for any medical entrance due to my illness…but I didnt let myself get shattered.. i managed to pass 10th boards with a 95% i.e 10cgpa from cbse and 12th with 87% (PCB 80%) … but I could not prepare at d competitive level..I didnt take any coaching either..i had just passed my 11th and prepared only 3 months for 12th boards..my health is better now..i am cured but still anemic…all my friends and even my parents tell me i cant crack the exam..may be they are just worried for me and not demotivating…but i cant leave my dream at any cost..i appeared for aipmt in 2014 and scored 300..and in assam cee i scored 130..(the cut off was 185)..and there was no chance anyway i was sick..this year too i wont be able to score more..but my health is recovering..and i am will be soon getting a “”no evidence of disease certificate”..so i want to study well and get admission to a medical college next year. …please guide me sir how should i prepare…..I am sorry for making you read this lengthy mail sir..just needed to explain you my situation..I am determined and ready to work really hard..

If you ever felt you have had seen enough tragedy in life, read this story of a girl who was a NEET aspirant. She posted her query on my blog PMT Gurumantra in May 2015, which I posted as it is. Read the last line. Read it again – loud and clear. You know what she’s been through. Now consider her story, try to imagine her pain and compare it to yours. I am sure you will get solution to your problems by reading her query, like I did.

P.S. I replied to her query long back and even followed it up few times via mail but didn’t get any reply from her end. I really hope she achieved what she aspired!

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