Harsh Reality of Medicine each NEET aspirant should be aware of!

Dear NEET Aspirants, this post is a little reminder especially for those who are thinking of taking PCB as an option in class 11th. It is to let you know very frank that life is not really good at this side of fence. There is a long struggle involved. You got to study hard, for many years and keep on proving yourself.

The pasteur looks greener on the other side, but it doesn’t mean it’s really green!

Duration: 4.5 years MBBS is followed by 1 year compulsory internship where you get paid a stipend around 12– 20,000 depending on your college. After completing your internship, you are eligible for PG entrance examinations (if you don’t have a bond restriction in your college, otherwise you will have to serve the bond or pay bond money).

PG Entrance Examinations are way tough than NEET UG and 1 year drop is a norm for average students. But cracking exam is not enough. Branch matters a lot and it has to be as per your liking. You cant spend whole your life giving anaesthesia to a patient when you really wanted to be a surgeon (Just to give an example. Anaesthesia otherwise is a cool branch).

Also, there’s a huge salary difference in various hospitals and bond restriction as well in few states as well. You are supoosed to work for like 70–80 hours per week during PG, in clinical branches. On top of that scoldings by seniors and faculties is a norm.

After you are done with PG, pass your PG exam, get a MD or MS degree, you have to do senior residency in a good hospital or pursue superspecialisation depending on your core branch and its future expects.

In all it takes 10–12 years after joining a medical college to start earning a decent amount to sustain yourself. Those who have done post graduation from central institutions have a decent salary, but those in few states are offered peanuts as stipend during residency. Besides, there will be moments in your resudency when patient or attendant will abuse you and you will feel like leaving your profession altogether.

Alternatively, after completing your undergrad, you may give USMLE or MRCP for greener pasteurs in other parts of the world.

This is the harsh reality. However people survive it without much discomfort simply because of their passion. The field of medicine gives you superhuman powers. Join the field only if you really want to be a doc. Things won’t come easy.

But the mental satisfaction after saving a life is way more rewarding than any thing else 🙂

So before deciding if you want to be a doctor, you should know what it takes to be one!

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