FAQ: I have not scored well in NEET 2020. I am depressed. Do I have a chance in NEET 2021?

First, let’s be very clear. Selection in any exam is not the only criteria for a bright future. First ask your self. Do you really want to do it? Do you really want to be a doctor? Or you are doing it just because your parents told you to…

Physics @ Your Fingertips Volume 1 (Class XI) for NEET & JEE Mains by Dr Rahul Chawla

Physics @ Your Fingertips Volume 1 (Class XI) for NEET & JEE Mains by Dr Rahul Chawla


You know what it takes to be a doctor? You will need to study for the next 10 years of your life and you cant do it with a halfhearted approach.

You got it be either completely in or completely out of it. Don’t do it if you are really not into it. Don’t do it if you cannot give your 100%.

You need to understand the purpose behind your preparation. If you really want to pursue medicine and you are really passionate about it – then get ready to work hard and just start preparing. It’s never too late once it comes to your dreams. 

If you are sure you can do it, then go ahead and read other posts regarding the strategy for NEET 2021.

Happy Studying 🙂

Source: Physics at your Fingertips 👉

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