FAQ: I often use Quora for clearing my doubts but I have now become addicted to it. What should I do?

Physics At Your Fingertips

Physics At Your Fingertips

Quora is just like any other social networking site. It has its pros and cons. It is a good source to know things you might not have cared to know about otherwise. It is helpful during preparation in a way that many medical and engineering students are here to answer the queries of aspirants. But wait. It is a fact that most people here write to satisfy their alter ego. What I am writing here is again quite obvious and nothing new. It wouldn’t have had made any difference to your life had you been away from quora. But since now you are inside this mess, you are unable to see it yourself and you need someone to tell you to just leave this place and concentrate on your studies.

It is a myth that Quora is a platform to share knowledge. It is just a social networking site and like any other social networking site, it modifies your behavior, makes you addicted and hampers your personal growth.

You must realize that at this critical juncture of your life, when you can build or break your career, you must not get involved with anything that affects your studies including video games like PUB G, any social networking site, relationships etc.

Hazaaron Khwahishen by Dr. Rahul Chawla

Hazaaron Khwahishen by Dr. Rahul Chawla

Better to engage in outdoor activities for a short while, talk to parents or friends. Engage with REAL PEOPLE. Do not read about or try to interact with so called QUORANS who have been raised to the status of dummy gods. They have had their struggle. They have achieved what they wanted. They are not helping you achieve good scores. You are helping them get more followers and popularity. Getting it? So just leave this place and start studying. If you got any specific doubt, just google that doubt and mention quora in the search box. You will get the answer to your specific query. But do not just keep scrolling random articles here. It is going to kill your time and you are not gonna get that time again.

Happy Studying 🙂

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