FAQ: How to remember Biological Names? Here is An Interesting Trick

Aiming for the best medical college in India but struggling with remembering the biological names? Here’s an interesting trick to help you.

  1. Dissect the names and try to find some logic or word root. You will find some thing to relate it to a common name. Like Mangifera for Mango.
  2. Include binomial nomenclature in your daily life. Like, tell your mom, “ I bought 1 kg Mangifera Indica’. Definitely, she will ask, ‘What’?? Then you can explain it to her. She might ask names for some other common fruits and veggies which you might not know at that very moment but you shall look up later and it is very likely that you will remember it.
  3. Talk with friends using binomial nomenclature. You can even abuse your friends using biological names. My friend used to call random stranger while walking on the road by biological names. Don’t do that, might lead you into trouble. That was a different time.
  4. Select the names which are important and need to be remembered.
  5. Read many times. Do not force yourself into cramming the names.
  6. Read aloud or enact
  7. Solve past question papers. Many names shall come repeatedly, so you will remember them automatically.
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Happy Studying 🙂

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