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This website, launched by the medical students of Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital(New Delhi) , AIIMS, MAMC And Other prestigious medical institutes in India, is a joint effort of a team of creative minds from diverse fields ranging from medicine to engineering to animation!

We have made this website to provide the PMT aspirants  with all the information that they need  at the click of a button.

Since we all have faced and infact cracked all such exams, we understand the needs and problems faced by the students preparing for Medical Entrance Examinations better than the teachers of any coaching institute.

Keeping this thought in mind we have created a forum of medical students who were the toppers of various National and State level Medical Entrance Examinations  and who will be here to clear your doubts about  what to study, how to get better results in less time etc.

This website aims at  providing medical  aspirants  with the right guidance from preparation till admission into college  and even after that.

We believe that the difficulties and the state of confusion which we all had gone through while choosing a medical college  should not bother you and so we came up with a feature of admission counselling in our website wherein we will have representative medical students of every medical college across India to help you out and guide you while deciding the college of choice.

We have put a lot of hard work in our endeavour and would love to receive your comments and feedback .






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  1. reema joshi says:

    is there anything wrong in doing mbbs from private medical college??

  2. reema joshi says:

    sir i am a four year dropper.,,i always wanted to become a doctor..i left bds and veterinary seats..my confidence is so down..should i prepare one more time or just leave it

    • Deepak Dwivedi says:

      Four years is a very long duration and MBBS in itself is a very long course: 4.5years study+1year intership+ 1year rural posting(rural posting is not mandatorily implemented in all states).
      And not to forget that it is one of the toughest course, so there may be ups and downs here too. So i’ve depicted the scenario for you, and now its your turn to think practically and make a decision wisely.
      And even dentists and veterinarians are also doctors, but all that lies in your interest.
      Good luck.

  3. sonalika says:

    Sir I want upcpmt how to prepare for uocpmt which bool

    • shushant shandilya says:

      Consult the aaksah package and you should buy a mtg last year paper for upcmet and should see whether the question comes from bio ncert book or not and then study accordingly

  4. ANKITA says:


  5. shilpa says:

    rahul sir
    I hav taken drop.i hav started going coachings….. par mere saath ek bohot ajeeb problem hoti h ki mai coaching se aane ki baad i just thnk that “what to do now…?” , “how to utilise the entire day for my preparations…?”
    I badly want to make it this yr bt i dont knw how to study..and what to study..??
    HELP me…

    • shushant shandilya says:

      you can check out the “Posts” for Routine. It has been uploaded there.

      #Best of luck

  6. lalitjha says:

    i like yor teaching style nd i much much impress

  7. Amrit sony says:

    dear sir….hw can I get solved NCERT numericals or hw cn I memorize them..plz suggest some NCERT based study material as soon as possible

  8. narang says:

    sir i secured 93% in my boards and appeared for neet 2013, but was not allotted any college as my marks were 447 (general category) and my delhi rank was 907. it was a huge setback but now i have decided to take a drop and start preparing once again to get into a delhi college. i have no other state quota or reservation. my only hope is next year’s exams (aipmt and dumet). i could really use your guidance.
    i have joined mission pmt and am doing their study packages religiously. i also turn to your book biology on your fingertips for guidance. but for physics and chemistry i only do study packages. will it be enough or do i need to follow pradeep, hc verma, op tandon etc ?
    thank you.

  9. nikki says:

    sir,i got 96.6 % in CBSE class xii th and gave NEET n AIIMS PMT exams got 9679 AIQ rank and waiting for counselling process to end. but i dont want to waste time n so am thinking of joining ALLEN institute ,Kota (means taking a drop) i know that there will be much to do n solve there but still wanted to ask that do i need to do anything more to secure a better rank next time.

  10. shilpa says:

    1. Sir, which is better- studying from the notes of allen or akash or from all these books….?
    2. I am not at al gud in phy and chem..but i want to make it as STRONG as possible…kindly help me out..i hav read al the articles and blogs..bt still i am so confused and tensed…

  11. shilpa says:

    Sir…where is your article on ” 1 year action plan for droppers”…………..?????
    also..i want to talk to u once…so that i can get some really needed help…
    waiting for a response…

  12. alisha says:

    sir my cg state rank is 295 and general category cg state rank is 227…will i be able to get mbbs seat

  13. Rhea says:

    Hello sir..
    I wanted to know for biology if these mcq books would be sufficient-
    Bio- disha,truman, dr.ali.
    Phy- pradeep and hc verma for concepts
    Chem- p bahadur and last 15 years pmt and iit questions.
    Also, for biology as far as theory learning is concerned is ncert enough? Is there any other book i can refer to?

  14. aayushi says:

    sir your neet 2013 online test series is not open on 28 march . when it is open plz tell me ?

  15. lavanya says:

    sir/mam whn r ur physics n chemistry books gona cm?????????????????

  16. lavanya says:

    hi,sir/mam im a dropper i went 4 coaching these many days but nw deciding to study a home as nly 4 months left 4 d exam n i feel im wasting mst of d time by attending class,being tried after reaching home n unable 2 study im vry confused did i tak d ri8 decision if i wont go 2 coaching i miss d tests wat dey tak n couldnt analysis wer i stand

  17. aditya says:

    do state policy such as compulsary rural posting is applied to 15% all india qouta seats

  18. Sanjeev shukla says:

    Sir plz also tell me about study plan? Mai is 5 month me kaise study karu ki hame med collge mil jaye…ap jaise boliyega waise mai labour karne ko ready hu.plz tell me?

    • refer to my post how to study ncert for pmts , follow it

    • krsourabh says:

      hi sanjeev ….
      it iz nice that u wanna study whole heartedly 4 NEET 2013!…some noteworthy points r—-
      1.Read regularly everyday minimum 6-8 hrs a day !..max iz up to u !!!bt hv quality study …
      2.Hv faith in yourself …U CAN DO IT
      3.books –ncert biology @your fingertip by rahul chawla for biology ….
      previous 10 year questions 4
      phy ,chem,bio
      4.keep on practising mcq from the book u hv read til nw…no need to change the book !!!
      BEST OF LUCK!!!

  19. Sanjeev shukla says:

    Sir ur site is very nice and helpfull..plz tell me abut possibility of neet in 2013? Neet ho ga ya nahi? I am from delhi..waise ip ne tentatives date kaise out kar dia? Bina neet final huae. Plz tell me.

  20. komal says:

    when is neet exam on 2013

  21. k.lingaiah says:

    i want the nemonics of anatomy format for remember book in hyderabad

  22. Latha says:

    my daughter is a canadian citizen with an overseas citizenship card (OCI) Would she be eligible to wrtie the AIPMT> Please help. I have tried calling so many people but have not got a response.

  23. Charu Sharma says:

    i m a student of +1 nd i m vry confused to hear frm other ppl dat basic z NCERT but AIPMT cums of a high level for a moment i agree bt whats d use of knwng basics untill u dont knw how to implement dem at right place….my teachers says just stick to NCERT ……although i dont hav any problem in understandng bio nd chem at tuition bt d main prblm where i hav to bend my knees zzzz jst physics…..plzz help me to kill my phobia for it……

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      NCERT is must but it is not the end..id doesn’t even cover the entire syllabus for PMTs. plus questions in AIPMT and AIIMS are asked even from the extra topics in previous edition of NCERTs.and it is very essential to solve past papers also. for biology there isn’t much problem coz you can safely rely on my book handbook of biology .It helps you in last minute revision and contains all the important and frequently asked points with 100% strike rate in any medical entrance exam. the book is available in the market. It also contains last minute revision strategy, suggestions and tips for time management in exam.. The book has 126 pages and its MR prize is Rs.100 . .you can buy the book and also tell your frns about it..in case it is not available in your city, ask the book seller to order it from Galgotia Publications and their phn no. is 0120-4235977 , 09718732278 , 0120-4204800

      now you can buy handbook of biology online at flipkart.com. click here to buy the book
      you can order the book online and pay at the time of delivery.

      for physics and chemistry, no need to take much tension..just be clear on the basic concepts..learn the formulas..they should be on your fingertips..and practice solved numericals from any textbook..don’t go for hi-fi books and keep solving past papers so that you would have an idea how the questions are asked and how to solve them in less than a minute.

      also Read my article http://pmtgurumantra.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/aipmt2012strategy/

  24. wether ihave to read whole true man or only selected topics of ncert

  25. wethar i have to study whole true man or only selected topics from ncert

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      read truman only to understand the basic things..no need to learn any thing from it..just read and understand..learn every thing given in my book Biology @ your fingertips which would be launched in december. It would take not more than 2 months to read the book completely and it has every thing which is ever asked, which can be asked plus a lot of mnemonics and flow charts. So, just have a glimpse of every thing and read NCERTs especially. with Biology @ your fingertips, you won’t even need to solve objective book cause all the frequently asked and important questions have been covered in text form in the book.and right now handbook of biology is available. you can get my book handbook of biology at flipkart.com.

  26. Dr. Ali Akhtar says:

    This is to inform you that I Dr. Ali Akhtar runs a coaching centre, Ali’s Uniworth Classes at Kolkata. I need your two books i.e. 1. Handbook of Biology for PMT and 2. Biology at your Fingertip which is not available in Kolkata. I am also calling in your given phone number but no one is answering my call. So please suggest me how can I get these two book as early as possible. My contact number is 033-65692666 and 08083112972.
    Thank You

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      I have forwarded ur query to the ppl in galgotia.they may call you..you ask your local bookstore to order the book for you, call them on 0120-4204800 btw 10am – 4pm. the publisher are silly and stupid people, so,from my side, sorry for the inconvenience .

  27. Neha Shaikh says:

    Dear sir, i am a student studying IN 11th(PCB) in a cbse school. After 12th i would like to go for CET , AIPMT AND AIIMES without wasting a year and i have not taken any tuitions or coaching classes as there is very.less time for selfstudy. My school will start coaching but in 12th . Sir, can you please give me some giudelines regarding to prepare for these entrance exams so i can start preparing from nowitself.
    kindly help sir..,

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      1. Preparing for medical entrances requires a lot of hard work, dedication and devotion for studies. So, be prepared for it.
      2.If you can understand concepts yourself while reading the book, you can prepare yourself. Otherwise, I would advice you to join a local coaching or tutions.
      3.Preferred books:
      biology – any textbook ( Trueman) /notes of your coaching institute + NCERT + both of my books (Handbook and Biology @ your fingertips) + Dinesh objective
      Till now I have written just two books and I am also working on the text book and an objective book for biology. But this would take time. So, you should buy above books. I also referred to the same books.
      physics – comprehensive / teacher’s notes + A.K Aggarwal objective book or any other book which your teacher has specified.
      Chemistry – Pradeep textbook and P.Bahadur for objective + NCERT
      4.. Start solving past years papers as soon as you complete 11th class
      5. Keep visiting the site and keep referring to the doubts which other ppl have ask and feel free to ask any doubt you have in your mind.
      6. For more tips and guidance, you can subscribe the site. I will soon post the article Action plan for the ‘beginners’ where I will tell you what and how to study in during the whole 2 year’s time.

  28. ishita aggarwal says:

    comprehensive physics dinesh one or the narinder kumar one??

  29. hello sir,
    i got 87% in 12th but was not able to clear any of the pmts. i gave dpmt,aipmt and i.p.
    It really demoralised me,but now i am trying my level best and m studin very seriously,please sir kindly give me some tips so that i remember what i study for a longer time,especially biology as it is mostly based on our memory.Please sir suggest me a good physics objective book too for PMT.
    i joined akash in 12 n i hve its study materials so fr theory in biology i study that only…is that enough.,??? n fr physics i study PRADEEPS,n akash books,,,fr chem i study my sir’s notes,akash books,nd fr chem objective i practice frm DINESH (3 separate books fr physicl,organic,inorganic).,
    i would also like to know that whether all these books that m referring are sufficient or not fr me as a dropper.,??
    kindly help sir.,

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      There is nothing to demoralize.Your story and mine are the same. I too secured 87% in boards and was not selected in MP PMT and AIPMT even when I had studied a lot. I got 4200 rank in AI PMT and missed MP PMT by 0.5 % I had to take a drop. The reason was that my strategy was not correct or I would say there was no one to give me a correct guidance. So, don’t loose hope and prepare yourself for one year of hardwork and 100% devotion.
      What all books you are referring to are good..no doubt..keep using the same books but keep following points in mind
      1.Use my books in Biology apart from what you are studying ..they are going to be launched soon..It will cover most of the important questions in Biology.
      2. Solve past years papers of all the exams..as more as you can..solve one every 2-3 weeks in examination conditions and evaluate your self. Analyse your strength and weakness.
      3. Keep visiting the site and keep referring to the doubts which other ppl have ask and feel free to ask any doubt you have in your mind.
      4.For more tips and guidance, you can refer to my book or subscribe the site. I will soon post the article ‘ one year action plan for the droppers’ where I will tell you what and how to study in an year’s time.
      for physics objective, you can refer Ak Aggarwal, it is a less known book. It has a disadvantage that there are many irrelevant theoretical questions given in the book which you have to skip. Otherwise it is a very good book and better than all the available books as far as I know.

  30. ishita aggarwal says:

    the website is nice..got it to know it through the newspaper..but tell us about your experience, how did you prepare for the entrance, which topics did you give importance to and how did you relax and did not take tension??
    ps: no offence but vmmc has never ever been featured on any top 10 medical college lists in india.

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      please visit the link….http://indiatoday.intoday.in/s​ite/specials/bestcolleges/2011​/ranks.jsp?ST=Medicine&Y=2011

      India Today has ranked VMMC 10th in its latest survey. I have already mentioned in my blog post TOP MEDICAL COLLEGES IN INDIA that our ranking is different from their’s. We rank the college according to the preferences of students..which is or which should be better for a student to choose.

      and it feels like you are taking my interview…you can read the same details in my interview given to Biology Today and don’t bother about the important topics. I will post them after a few days. Keep visiting the site and keep referring to the doubts other ppl are asking. you can also subscribe the same,.

  31. pradeep says:

    sir please give me some information regarding selection of medical college?

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