• Topper, Pratyaksha Rana, got 680 marks and took admission in MAMC. Top 116 rankers preferred MAMC over other medical colleges.
  • Next to fill up  was LHMC, taken by the 21st ranker in DPMT who secured 618 marks.
  •    After mamc, students preferred UCMS over LHMC. 117th ranker, who secured 559 marks took admission in UCMS.


































































The institution offers MBBS and BDS courses at the undergraduate level. It admits 180 students for the MBBS and 20 students for the BDS course annually.

M.B.B.S. COURSE – 180 students are admitted annually. The distribution of seats is as follows:

    1. 15% of total seats i.e. 27 seats are filled in through the entrance examination conducted by the C.B.S.E. on All India basis.
    2. 15% of total seats i.e. 27 seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes and 7½% i.e.14 seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes
    3. 9 seats are reserved for son/daughter/widow of Armed personnel disabled or killed in action during hostilities.
    4. 6 seats are reserved for Government of India nominees.
    5. 97 seats are filled on merit basis through DPMT Entrance Test conducted by Delhi University.


MBBS: 5½ years (including one year of internship)

B.D.S. COURSE 40 students are admitted annually. The distribution of seats is as follows:

    1. 15% of total seats i.e. 6 seats are filled in through the entrance examination conducted by the CBSE on All India basis.
    2. 15% of total seats i.e 6 seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes and 7½% i.e. 4 seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes.
    3. 24 seats are filled on merit basis through DPMT entrance test conducted by Delhi University.


BDS: 5 years (including one year of internship)

The course of study for MBBS/BDS degree and all related examinations will be according to rules and regulations of Delhi University.

Students after passing the Final M8BS examination must register themselves provisionally with the Delhi Medical Council before they can be permitted to join the compulsory internship programme, as required under Medical Council Act.

GENERAL INFORMATION (Undergraduate Courses) :

SStudents admitted to Ist MBBS / lst BDS must join their classes on Ist August or any other date fixed by the University.

  • If a candidate fails to join or leaves the College after admission, the fees so paid shall not normally be refunded except where the candidate proves to the satisfaction of the Dean that failure to join or leave the course was due to the reasons beyond his/her control.
  • All newly admitted students will have to deposit the tuition fee alongwith other charges within the dates prescribed in the letter of the admission issued by the University of Delhi
  • All the other students of the College should deposit the fees by 31st July of the year failing which they shall deposit their fees with fine of Rs. 25/- per day w.e.f. Ist August of that year till the end of June next year. After that the name of the student shall be struck-off from the College rolls on Ist July. Such students may, however, be allowed to re-join with the permission of the Dean onpayment of Rs. 1000/- per month as re-admission fees from the date his/her name struck-off from the College rolls. In addition to the total amount of penality for late fees @ Rs. 25/- per day for the period from 1st August of that year till the end of June next year.
  • All applications for leave must be made in writing to the Dean. However, there is no provision for any kind of leave (including Medical Leave) and every student is required to complete the percentage of attendance as prescribed by University of Delhi.
  • Every student admitted to the College must maintain discipline and follow the rules and regulations in the College, Hospital, Hostels as well as in and around the campus failing which the Dean reserves the right to expel him/her from the Institute or to make him/her to vacate the hostel, if he/she is a hosteler, without assigning any reason.
  • The classes will commence from 8.00 A.M. Students posted on emergency duties will, however, continue to work even after regular classes, if required.
  • Interns are entitled to avail 12 days leave during the period of internship. No other type of leave (including leave on medical grounds) is permissible. The interns should, therefore, preserve leave for any contingency that may arise during subsequent part of their training.
  • Not more than 6 days leave will normally be permissible to interns in a department where posting is for two months and not more than 4 days leave in a department where the posting is for one month and not more than 2 days leave in 15 days posting will be granted.
  • Most of the decision/notices/advertisements are displayed on Notice Boards and announced through Class Incharges. Students should watch the Notice Boards regularly. Failure to do so will not be an excuse.
  • The student should always keep the Identity card with him/her and show the same to the faculty/ staff members as and when demanded. Noncompliance will lead to disciplinary action.
  • Ragging in any form inside/outside the Campus is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will make the student liable to disciplinary action and even expulsion from the College/Hostel or both. Victims of ragging should immediately approach any faculty/staff member and seek his/her intervention.

Fees and other charges

The fees payable are :-


in Rs.

  Annual Tuition Fee


  Annual Library Fee


  Annual Laboratory Fee


  University fees, stipulated by the Delhi University i.e. enrolment Fee
(Those who are not already enrolled with university of Delhi)


  Annual Special University fee from student of Delhi University only


  Security deposit for breakage etc (Refundable on completion
of the course)


  Medical Examination Fee



Other Annual Charges :-


in Rs.

Students’ Union and Cine Club Fund


Games and Sports Fund


College Journal (Magazine Fee)


University Athletic Fee


University Cultural Council Fee


Students’ Aid Fund


Students’ Stationery Fund


Information Bulletin Fee


Identity Card Fee


World University Service Fee


University Development Fee




Sexual Harassment Policy Fund







Address your queries directly to Dean :-
Dr. A.K. Agarwal
Dean, Dir. Prof & HOD,
Department of E.N.T
Off.:- 23238458, 23232400,
23221921, 23239271
Extn.:- 270, 311, 270
Resi.:- 26863889, 26856559
E-Mail :- dean@mamc.ac.in

Queries related with Admissions & Other Academics related issues contact :-
Sh.S.M Haider
Registrar Academics
Off.:- 23236388, 23239271
Extn.:- 114
Resi.:- 27012133
E-Mail :- registraracademics@mamc.ac.in



The Lady Hardinge Medical College for women was founded in 1914 to commemorate the visit of Her Majesty Queen Mary in 1911-12. Lady Hardinge the wife of the then viceroy was the first to take initiative for starting a medical college for women, as the lack of separate medical college for women made it almost impossible for Indian women to study medicine.

The foundation stone of this institution was laid by Lady Hardinge on 17th March, 1914. Unfortunately this great lady died later in the same year and on the suggestion of Queen Mary the college and the hospital was named after Lady Hardinge to perpetuate the memory of its founder.

The college and hospital was formally opened by Lord Hardinge the then viceroy of India on 17th February 1916. The close association of countess of Dufferin Fund Council continued over many years and senior teaching staff almost exclusively consisted of its members till India became independent.

The college started under the able leadership of Dr. Kate Platt, who was the first Principal of the college. The duration of course covered a period of 7 years including 2 years of pre-medical intermediate science course or Punjab University. The students had to travel all the way to Lahore for their examination and to compete with the students of the Kind Edward Medical College, Lahore. The premedical science departments were closed in 1935, thus reducing the course in the college from 7 years to 5 years. In 1960 rotating internship was introduced for 6 months. The MBBS course was reduced from 5 years to 41/2 years in 1964 with compulsory internship of one year.

The number of admissions to the first year was increased gradually from 16 per year in 1916 to 60 in 1956. In 1961 the admissions were increased to 100 and were further raised to 130 in 1970. To implement the Central Educational Institution (Reservation In Admission) Act 2006 LHMC increased under graduate admissions to 150 in 2008 and is likely to be further increased to 200 in the coming year.

Since 1950, the college has been affiliated to University of Delhi. In view of considerable demand for post-graduate students, post-graduate courses were started in 1954 in affiliation with Punjab University and later on with University of Delhi in 1956. To start with only female post-graduate students were admitted, but since 1970 both males and female students are being enrolled for various postgraduate courses. Presently LHMC is admitting 92 PG candidates. Post Graduate admission will be increased in the coming years to implement OBC reservation.

Starting in 1916 with only 80 beds for the departments of Medicine, Obstetrics and gynecology, LHMC has now a bed strength of 877 beds in Smt. S.K. Hospital and 370 beds in Kalawati Saran Children Hospital. A separate outpatient block was started in 1958 to cater to the needs of ever increasing population of Delhi.





  • Runs various medical and paramedical courses
  • Annual admission MBBS: 150, MD/MS: 71; besides PhD courses in Medical Faculty
  • Paramedical courses: BSc(Medical Technology), Radiography. Diploma course in Nursing (GTB Hospital), and Medical Laboratory In-service Training.
  • Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital is the associated teaching hospital with more than 1000 beds.
  • Known for its quality research; National ranking 7th based on the number of publications in PubMed indexed journals.
  • Meritorious/Eminent Faculty on expert groups of UNICEF, WHO, UNAIDS, World Bank, ICMR, ICMR, NACO, DST and CSIR.
  • Cater to the health care needs for the East Delhi community and surrounding border areas.
  • College with excellent results: Students excel in curricular/extracurricular activities.


University College of Medical Sciences
Dilshad Garden
Delhi – 110 095
Phones : 011-22582106, 22592971, 22592371
Fax : 011-22582105
e-mail : principal@ucms.ac.in





Students taking admission in Delhi University medical college can apply for following scholarship programes :

  1. Post Matric Scholarship of Scheduled Castes Students

The scheduled caste students admitted in the College are eligible for the Post-Matric Scholarship of the NCT Delhi. The last date for receipt of application for the Scholarship at the Directorate of Education, Delhi Administration, through the College is generally 30th November every year.


  1. Saraswati Foundation (NGO) Endowment Scholarship

The scholarship of Rs. 2000/- p.m. awarded on merit-cum-means basis of one year’s duration renewable every year at the commencement of the studies.  Application are invited by the Trust some time during the month of October/ November.


  1. V.C. Students’ Fund

Scholarship of the value of Rs.200/- p.m. is open to students securing at least 60% marks in the last qualifying examination and whose father/guardian’s income is less than Rs.750/- p.m. The notification for this scholarship is generally issued by the University in January/February.


  1. Dr. A.N. Duggal Endowment Scholarship

Scholarship of Rs.100/- p.m. is awarded to students whose parent’s income does not exceed Rs.750/- p.m. The award is for the duration of the Course subject to yearly review. The scholarship is normally notified in September/October.


  1. NCERT Scholarship

Scholarship of Rs.200/- p.m. is awarded on academic progress of the student. The scholarship is notified in July/August.


  1. Post Matric Scholarship Harijan and Samaj Kalyan (Lucknow) U.P.

Scholarship of the value of Rs. 500/- per annum is awarded to SC/ST students. The Scholarship is notified in April/May.


  1. National Merit Scholarship

Given Rs.1000/- to Rs. 2000/- p.m. respectively to student in UG & PG courses who had secured minimum of 80% marks in 10+2 not helping to creamy layer.


8.      Dr. N.C. Kapoor Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship of Rs.300/- is awarded to needy and deserving students. The award is for the duration of the Course subject to yearly review. The scholarship is normally notified in Sept./Oct. every year.


9.      S.J. Jindal Trust

Scholarship is offered to needy students securing at least 55% marks at the qualifying examination for higher studies.


10.     Indian Oil Company Scholarship

Scholarship of Rs. 750/- is given to deserving SC/ST students pursuing studies in full time graduate Course in Medicine. Scholarship is renewed on yearly basis subjects to satisfactory performance of the student.


11.    CBSE Merit Scholarship

Scholarship of Rs.1000/- p.m. is given to meritorius students pursuing MBBS course after 10+2 CBSE Examination.


Note (1) For release of periodical instalment of each of the above scholarships, the awardee has to show a satisfactory progress in studies. For this purpose an individual record is maintained in the Department concerned and at the Academic Section of the College.


(2) Students are expected to be in touch with the Academic Section and also see the Notice Board from time to time to enable them to apply for the scholarship.



medals and awards (for University College Of Medical Sciences)


The following medals and prizes are awarded on the basis of merits at the University Examination.


  1. Delhi Medical Association Gold Medal-Awarded to the best outgoing student of the College.


  1. Smt. Rukmani Gopalkrishnan Memorial Medal – Awarded to the student securing highest marks in Surgery at the College level in the Final M.B.B.S. Examination.


  1. Dr. (Miss) L.V. Pathak Medal – Awarded to the student securing highest marks at the College level in Obstetrics & Gynaecology in the Final M.B.B.S. Examination.


  1. Smt. Ram Pyari and Shri L.N. Chugh Memorial Medal – Awarded to student securing the highest marks at the College level in Medicine in the Final M.B.B.S. Examination.


  1. Major (Dr.) Ashwani Kumar Kanva, V.S.M., Memorial Award – Awarded to the student who tops in the College in the subject of Community Medicine at Final Professional M.B.B.S. Examination.


  1. Major (Dr.) Ashwani Kumar Kanva, V.S.M. Memorial Award – Awarded tot he Best intern in Paediatrics.


  1. Pallab Choudhary Award – Awarded to the student securing highest marks at the College level in Microbiology in the Second Professional Examination.


  1. K. Sridharan Awards – Awarded to the students securing highest marks at the College level in each of the subjects of Anatomy, Pharmacology & Ophthalmology in the First, Second & Final Professional Examinations, respectively.


  1. Col. Barkat Narain Medal/Prize – Awarded to the student securing highest marks at the College level in Community Medicine at the Final M.B.B.S.


  1. Kanahya Lal Gulati Award – Awarded to the student who tops in the subject of Physiology in the College in the 1st Professional M.B.B.S. Examination.


  1. Dr. Abhijeet Malhotra Memorial Award – Awarded to the student securing highest marks at the College level at the Final Professional Examination.


  1. Ram Chand Dua Award – Awarded to the student securing highest marks at the  College level at the First Professional Examination.


  1. Ratan Mani Sharma Award – Awarded to the student securing highest marks at the College level at the Second Professional Examination.


  1. Potha Prgada Award – Awarded to the student securing highest marks in Biochemistry at the College level at the First Professional Examination.


  1. Dr. Krishan Kumar Gupta Award – Awarded for standing First in Forensic Medicine in the College.


  1. Dr. S.K. Goel memorial Award – Awarded for standing First in ENT in the College.


  1. Dr. Madhu Saxena Memorial Awards

a)            Awarded for Best Outgoing Post-graduate student in Medicine at the College level.

b)            Awarded for standing first in Medicine at College level at final M.B.B.S. Examination.


  1. Faculty of Pathology-Golden Jubilee of Independence Award – Awarded for standing First in Pathology at the College level in Second M.B.B.S. Examination.


  1. Roentgen Medal – Awarded to the student who secures highest percentage of marks at B.Sc. (M.T.) Radiography final Exam.


  1. Dr. Kusum Pandit Memorial Award – for the best thesis—open to all the Post-graduates.


  1. Dr. U.K. Srivastava Award – for Best P.G. in Surgery.


  1. Merit Awards – Awarded to the students securing First, Second & Third position in aggregate respectively at the College level in each of the University Professional Examination.


The medals and prizes are awarded on the Annual Day of the College.


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    i have passed 12 from punjab. am i eligible for dpmt?

  2. sonal gandhi says:

    my neet rank in delhi is 203. (my ctegory is general)
    i am confused which college should i opt for. please guide me to choose college frm lhmc, ucms and vmmc with appropriate reason. i will be grateful.

  3. tejashwi mallik says:

    when will biology@your fingrtips be up for sale? which book to consult for fluid dynamics, i find it very difficult.

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      Jan end or Feb. and for fluid dynamics just learn formulas from pradeep or comprehensive and see the solved Qs..no need of solving MCQ book but do solve Fluid mechanics Qs from AIIMS and BHU past papers

  4. Rimy dey says:

    The notification says 7 seats are reserved for government of india nominess..what is this category all about?

  5. aanchalb. says:

    I’m a Class 12 Student preparing for my PMTs from Delhi, on the MCI website it says that some of the med colleges here have applied to increase their seat numbers, when will we get to know if the no. has been increased or not ?
    The common exam system is very confusing, on what bases will they be distributing seats now ?
    What’ll happen to the 15% AIPMT quota ? How many seats are reserved now ? Will the resevation increase ? ( I’m in General Category)
    How can i get a seat in my own state ?
    Why arent the forms still out ?
    No preliminary exam now ?
    There’s practically no information anywhere, everythng’s very confusing. Even here all information’s on the previous system.
    Please Help.

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      After the introduction of NEET, the distribution of seats would remain same i.e. you would be eligible for 15% ALL India seats and 85% seats of Delhi Medical Colleges excluding AIIMS.The only difference would be that instead of many exams, you have to give only one exam. Only AIIMS and AFMC would be excluded from NEET.
      But MCI here has acted stupid on not disclosing anything regarding it and confusing everyone. Still there is no info regarding Negative marking, pattern of Exam and exam notification. There is also a probability that the step of NEET would be taken back due to protests in TN, AP, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

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