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  1. Juniya says:

    I have done my plus two in Computer Stream.Now i Wish to do MBBS and for that i am repeating my plus two in Science Stream in NIOS. Will i be eligible to get an admission in MBBS.Waiting for your reply.

  2. anusheila trivedi says:

    Hello rahul bhaiya i need ur advise . I bought both of ur books this yr and hav decided to take a yr drop for my dream of aiims new delhi bhaiya i hav taken arihant phy chem bio 10 yr chaterwise q & i hav joined akash and had 2 yrs correspondence of allen ihavv bought hc verma. Mtg a&r so do i need to buy other. Buk like 27 yr phy , ncert exemplar or da material i hav bought is sufficient? Pls reply soon. This yr i gt a rank of 18744 in my 1st attempt in aipmt do i stand a chance next yr??

    bbuks like 27 yr phy

    • shushant shandilya says:

      yes there is sure chance of you cracking pmt, next year. just stick to the concepts.exemplar will be useful and solve last year papers as a way to revise. right now get ur concepts right and make as many mcqs as possible of that topic. because if u start solving last year papers from now only, u will miss important topics because they might not be able to cover a question from any topic which might come next year. so when u have time, do it properly

      • anusheila trivedi says:

        Bhaiya wht i hav bought is 10yrs topicwise question of phy chem bio. Of arihant a single buk consists of various exam TOPICWISE question and ihav allen akash study material hc vermaso nw pls tell me should i really buy exemplar or mtg 27 yrs topic wise aipmt questionbank or other buks .? Ya il b

        reply soon 🙂

        practisi. ng waprevious yr question paper after december.

      • shushant shandilya says:

        no its ok. study with this much

  3. Some1 who needs help says:

    Dear sir,
    I was always a medical aspirant ryt 4rm ma childhood….. But this year ol ma dreams r shattered…. My fmly members r vry upset wid ma failure….. However i have decided 2 take up zoology(hons) & plannin 2 prepare on ma own as I have taken coaching 4 2 years 4rm a reputed institute….PLZ SUGGEST WHAT SHOULD B MY DAILY STUDY ROUTINE….. I HAVE READ UR ARTICLES & DEY R REALLY NYC…… PLZ HELP MEH…………………….

  4. DEEPIKA says:

    sir meine 2011 mei aakash institute mams,thi coaching li thi but iam nt selected in PMT exam ,then meine d.u mei B.Sc(h)zoology mei admission liya or aapne aapse neet ki preparation kari,again i am nt selected mei phir se coaching lena chati ho,bt samag nahi aaraha ki kaise sab manage hoga ,mujhe samaj nahi aaraha kaise neet-2014 ka syllabus karo,please suggest something….

  5. kulsum ahmed says:

    i m really tensed d aakash packages r too vast 2 b memorized 4 bio i m not able 2 study ncert as every week they have some or the other test……..what 2 do??

  6. joy biswas says:

    minimum kitna marks anese gvt medical collge me chance moll sakta hay………….

    • anshikagupta says:

      Get Nearabout 80% To be on the safe Side. But im not a clairvoyant here,The cut offs are Unpredictable(Specially cause its NEET this time)

      Just mug up and read up as much as you can,To enhance your chances of qualifying the exam.

  7. kush says:

    neet ki gov. Mbbs cutoff kitni ja skti h

  8. piyush says:

    can anyone who is in govt medical college can give neet for ug course

  9. Ishan says:

    now what should i study for AFMC? my prelim didnt go well as my speed was slow nd wasnt able to complete it. pls tell important topics fr AFMC nd what %age of question can come from ur books. also tell any good book for GK questions?

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      For AFMC, read both my books in bio..nothing to do more; learn all the scientific names and classifications characteristics ; and in physics and chem learn all the formulas; in physics and chem learn all the formulas; special emphasis on inorganic compounds name, alloys, organic conversions etc. in chem and thermo, waves, fluid, modern in physics.. do solve past papers for practice. and no need of studying GK rt. now..even if you’ll not study, it would be fine coz GK is not a one day study..better to revise Biology from my books at the last moment rather than studying GK.
      call 9650-457-457 to order..also tell ur friends about my books

  10. Sanchit Mahajan says:

    Notification for MBBS at JIPMER is out… The date is clashing with ST JOHN’s Medical college entrance test. Which one should be given preference???

  11. Ishan says:

    i am almost over with physics nd chemistry once, in end i will just revise formulas nd imp. pts given in pmt capsule. i havent done much numericals nd just had a look at examples from pradeep. for biology i have only one week nd i am completely dependent on fingertips! Will that be OK? and also how can i control my anxiety before xam so that i do not forget anything?

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      just be calm and relaxed…follow the steps I have mentioned in HOB for last moment revision and at the time of exam. Solve a past paper 2-3 days before exam to get an idea where you stand and see your mistakes and try to overcome them before the exam.

  12. AFRIN says:


  13. AFRIN says:

    SIR, WHAT IS eligibility criteria for NEET UG 2013 & AGE LIMIT

  14. MOHD NADEEM says:

    SIR,plz tell me about eligibility criteria for NEET UG 2013 & AGE LIMIT

  15. Sanchit Mahajan says:

    i wanted to know the cut off percentage in AIPMT Prelims, VMMC, AFMC, JIPMER, BHU.


  16. sapna says:

    respected sir i jst wnt to know hw i prepare fr state level medical entrance ;;;;;i pasd 12 lst year n nw 1 time i gng to appear in entrances ;;;;;so gve me some tips to qualify;;;;????/ me worried about ths;;;;;;plz help me sir me nt dng any coaching fr ths;;;;;

  17. Kirti nagpal says:

    Hello sir,
    me a med aspirant, hd jst wnt thru ur site. I hdnt bought ur handbook n hdnt been earlier to ur site eithr.. I wanna 2 knw, at dys crucial stage, when we shud go thru our prevous notes only, shud we buy ur book……. n perhaps wich 1 2 buy(at thys tym we ll only b able 2 read 1 buk only)??

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      1. Learn all the formulas in physics, physical chemistry and see solved numericals from any reference need to solve hi-fi ones.
      2. Learn imp. name reactions in organic ( appendix of pradeep), list of alloys, imp. compounds, orders in inorganic.
      3. Solve past papers
      4. Read both my books and NCERT in Bio.
      also tell your frns about my books
      Handbook is a perfect book for state PMTs, AFMC and BHU pre But for AIPMT, AIIMS, BHU mains u’ll require fingertips.
      biology @your fingertips would be released next week and would be available on flipkart.

      • Kirti nagpal says:

        Will ur buk b availble in the markt???

      • Kirti nagpal says:

        Will ur buk b availble in the markt??? N pls also tl me dat bhu incldes govt. Colgs as wel n wich 1 are thos colgs???

      • Rahul Chawla says:

        n bhu, ther’s only one college- IMS-BHU and it’s govt. Book would be released during Delhi book fair and would also be available on flipkart and dialabook. contact galgotia’s 0120-4235977 to locate ur nearest book dealer where the book could be available.

  18. Ishan says:

    is ncert for inorganic chemistry enough for aipmt prelim.?

  19. tim jacob says:

    i am an 10 std student and want to clarify my concepts of physics,chemistry and biology so which books would be lucid and illustrative.HAND BOOK OF BIOLOGY has really helped
    Thank u

  20. Aamir says:

    sir, I m doing my 12th in gujarat and I want to give upcpmt but I m not having a domicile of tell me can I apply or not if yes then plz tell me how.plz reply as soon as possible.

  21. horidas pal says:

    is d net 2012 application form already available???
    if so, plz give d site….
    hope u will rply quickly!!

  22. vaibhav trivedi says:

    what a great book for revision….i found it really helpful while finishing my chapters….specially application biology and genetics….
    book for last time revision for tests and aipmt….
    the book is a milestone which gives what you want before 2-3 days of aipmt….
    thanks to dr. rahul….a great work….
    the study plan,exam plan,the mnemonics you gives are superb specially in tht topics which seems very tough to learn like cranial nerves,wbc percentes wise name…wrist bones…
    it’s a request to you please publish same types of handbook in physics and chemistry…specially in organic…
    once again thanks sir for this last time revision magic….

  23. haridas says:

    hey has ur fingertips buk released???
    its already last week of november!!!!!!!

  24. Ojas Bhateja says:

    I’m Ojas. I’m also studying in VMMC but doing DMLT (II yr) and doing my 12th from National Open School.I want to appear for NEET and AIIMS.Kindly give me some guidance and please can u meet me in the college …in which yr are u?

  25. littlepea says:

    sir wat will be d questn papr format in neet 2012??

  26. littlepea says:

    sir do u knw any physics an chemistry buks just like ur bio books!!!! and plz plz publish ur fingertips buk at d earliest…………lst week of december is 2 far!!!!

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      well I don’t know any such book and it’s for the same reason, I would be working on such book for Physics and chemistry after my exams are January..Though I would try to finish all the work before March, but still it would take some time..

  27. Sneha says:

    Sir,i got 85% in my father forced me joined coaching.but i was not at all intrested bcoz at that time i completely want to focus on my board.coching did not provided me selective study material . they tell us to study A.c dutt book for morphology &no ncert .always they changed their faculty.i wasted 12 hr in school & coaching +traving in bus .that days ware really hectic.i got only 56% in board.i got 40%ipu .no selection in any exam.this yr i joined aakash but my performance are not good.i got 188 rank out of 300.i am really demolarised.i am really poor in physics .nw 5 month left.plz tell what to do?

  28. anonymous says:

    sir wudnt ur fingrtips buk be available within 10th december
    bcoz lst week of decmbr is quite far off
    and thn we wil hv no time 2 study!!

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      no..the publishers are delaying it..I fight with them daily but they don’t listen..I have told them to hurry up..The book was to come in March last year..but these idiot people have been delaying since. Doesn’t matter…1 month is enough for it..right now study physics and chemistry or from handbook

  29. Rahul Chawla says: has everything..I can guarantee 90% of the question in any state medical entrance ..but the book is still to come in the market..would be available by December end

  30. Sonal says:

    Respected Sir,

    i would frist like to start with a “thankyou” for taking the pains and giving us this informatic space for “we pmt aspirants” to deal with our confusions and problms in an efficient manner. Sir, am persuing my medical correspondence from some coaching institute, though the institute claimed to be a reputed one, but its been months now and i personally dont see any profit i gained form it till the day and i feel that am, to some extent, is not able to follow their hectic schedules and found myself in a miserable condition. evry time and anytime they conduct the batch test, irrespective of the topic that is presently running, then i use to do my test chapters, then i suffer in the present one, then somethnig n something and on.. its not that m an average student nor m i a smarter one, i hang in b/w the both (as my teachers say), but, i dont know, i dont know where my strategy is going wrong and how to correct them. i use to score a “okay” rank in the test series, and is tring to show an improvmnt. As now, its november, less then about 3 months to go for the final fight, i thought, rather hitting myself down, i should help “me” myslef, so i started on with a selfstudy plan. i did and its going only a bit well, but the problem is that i found my study to be VERY time taking. like – if any student can do a topic in an hour, it takes me an hour extra to do the same. now you might be thinking that i must be some retarded mind, its actually that i have this “bad habit” of write-and-learn. Secondly, i do solve the samples frequently, practice objectives, and m quiet good in calculatives like phy6 and physical chemistry, but m aint that smart in learning matters (espacially the botany part like morphology and kingdoms). Its just that m not able to gain the confidence and is loosing all hopes day by day. the coaching environment is not good, just opposite of the kind that an institute should have, the space there gives me a lot of negitive vibs at times. teachers are not moralising (espacially the chem teacher, grrrr).. there’s no one around to help me boost my moral (you know the hostel environment), plus the psycological pressure, every time am not able to solve a problm, my nerves starts to hit my neck and then the flash back of the expectations of my parents and friends just drop my mood. someone suggest some thing, the other says the other thing, in short- evryone says everything. i dont know what to follow, whom to listen, and what exactly to follow. m doing my NCERTs, mocks, objectives, but it aint helping with my confidence thing. i cardially need your help, not just in practicle ways of preparation but in psycologicals way too to over come this unknown fear. i know its not some practicle problem, but as you said above “ask w/o hesitation”, so i didnt found a better place then here to go at your steps. i shall be highly obliged if you could suggest me some positives and the ideal ways of comfort and quality preparation.
    Thanking you cardially.
    (P.S.- sorry for a long querry. seriously sorry..)

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      no need to worry unnecessarily..just give stress on the everything for understanding..don’t think that exams are coming and you have to cram everything . keep calm and tarah ghabrane se sirf time waste hi hoga aur kuchh nahi. focus your senses on what you are studying . DON”T DAY DREAM..and you can do one thing..Get a solved year paper book and solve a paper and match it with cut-off..analyse the results and see where u stand. see the topics you are strong and the topics you are week in..identify ur mistakes. Study accordingly..and for biology no need to worry..just get my book handbook of biology..It helps you in last minute revision and contains all the important and frequently asked points with 100% strike rate in any medical entrance a lot of mnemonics..and it covers only the most important examples and features in the unit of Diversity so that it’s easier for you to learn. and my next book Biology @ your fingertips would be coming in January and it would cover every thing asked in Biology and has hundreds of mnemonics and flowcharts. just rely on both my books for biology and read need to burden your self with anything more.and no need to worry now.
      also read my post
      and tell all your friends regarding my book and do buy it.

      now you can buy handbook of biology online at click here to buy the book
      you can order the book online and pay at the time of delivery.

  31. anonymous says:

    wil thr be NEET from 2012 or wil thr be state PMTs as usual??
    plz rply

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      they have confirmed it yet. and no need to worry. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME THINKING about NEET..It would ruin your studies..whatever MCI will do, leave it to them, you stick to your studies. There are minute changes which are significant only for those who has read everything and for those who have not completed their syllabus, they must not waste any time more thinking about the issue. Just study and there won’t be drastic changes or there might be no changes at all or even if they plan to change the syllabus and the pattern of exam then you are not alone, every one wil suffer.ok, if you waste today’s time in thinking about the syllabus,percentile or no negative marking… checking out on internet every single day about the NEET exam, you won’t be able to concentrate on your studies. So, it is a request to everyone ,please don’t waste this time..don’t wait for the syllabus or exam pattern to be disclosed.Continue your studies, the way you used to.
      and in any case, the syllabus is changed, read that part from my book, I assure you none of the question will come outside what I have given in both of my books and NCERT.

  32. 12345 says:

    sir wil d fingertips buk be available in d lst week od decembr??????

  33. 12345 says:

    sir if i read ur fingertips bio buk for 2 mnths throughly wil it be enough 2 crack neet……..i hv already fnshd phy an chem thoroughly!!

  34. anuj aggarwal says:

    Sir my younger bro is preparing 4 aiims…by dropping 1 year.i got 950 rank in aipmt,207 ip n 244 in dpmt…932 in aiims this year,but he wants to know only from u ,how to prepare 4 aiims…is there any way to get sure selection in practicing Assertion reason from any particular book…reading ncert …?

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      no need of Assertion and reason book..these are conceptual questions and are never repeated..although if you solve past years would get some benefit. Lay more emphasis on concepts building but do not read hi-fi things which are out of syllabus which is a very common mistake. special emphasis on NCERTs in all three subjects, specially biology, my books in biology and solving past years papers of AIIMS and most of the other exams. questions are not as to as repeated but asked in modified form; try to understand the basic things and make sure that you are able to apply whatever is asked in question; for example if a question is asked in physics, you should be able to find out quickly what are the direction of forces or which equation of motion has to be used or whether friction acts in the same direction of force or in the opposite..or in chemistry there should be no confusion whether Cl or O has greater electron affinity or whether electron potential increases or decreases down the group or in Biology there should be no confusion on to which class icthyophis belongs..Make your basics strong.
      and no need to buy my book, I have got complimentary copies, you can take it.

  35. anuj aggarwal says:

    sir,i m 1st year student in vmmc.I am studying A.K,Jain,B.D.C.,Vasudevan in physio,anat,n biochem respectively.I m able to follow n understand the lecture of Suri sir,Jyoti n Vandana mam only,bcz they give us notes.In other teachers lectures ,i m not able to follow ,even from the book via self study.pls guide me can i streamline my studies,so that i can understand concepts easily n clearly…

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      you have just entered in the college; no need to study..just relax..chill maar..enjoy your first year..I’v sent you phone no on your mail; contact me and meet me in my room S-18, New Boy’s Hostel

  36. 12345 says:

    Sir i have brought ur handbook … this book thr are only a very points abut reproduction in angiosperms… this chp not imp??????

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      It is not like that chapter is not the hand book I have given what all is asked usually. hand book has only the most frequently and most important points to be studied just before the examination so that you get maximum output from the minimal input. Right now, you study from it..learn whatever is would tell you what all is important and if you are not able to understand a particular thing in the book then refer to your textbook. hand book is only to help and guide you in learning and last minute revision.
      In my next book biology @ your fingertips, everything is covered and it 80-90% of the biology paper would be from that book. It will also have mnemonics and flow charts for better learning. and you won’t have to refer to any other reference book or MCQ book along with it..
      and I request you to give your feedback so that I can make further improvements in the next edition of the book. Please mention the reason why did you like or dislike the book. 10 Best comments would be published in my coming book Biology @ your fingertips and also in the next edition of Handbook of Biology along with your name.
      give your feedback here

  37. 12345 says:

    sir please tell when ur fingertips book will be available in the market…….exact date????????
    and what will be its price??????

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      currently page setting of the book is going on..I have told the publishers to launch it soon..would be available in december if everything goes fine..and the price is not fixed yet but would be around Rs. 300

  38. shivendra says:

    with a just a few months left it would have been good if ur Biology @ your fingertips would hv launched early!!!!

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      it was to be launched in April last year but because of the foolishness of the publishers the work got delayed and still the book is under construction…But no need to worry, the style and presentation of the book is such that it won’t take more than 2 months to read the book..and currently handbook of biology is can buy it on

  39. abcde says:

    Sir is the notes available in ur book handbook enough for CET

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      No, this book is for last minute revision and has only that much content which you need to revise before examinations and if you study it, you will find half of the paper of CET and about 70% Qs in state PMTs biology section from this book alone.On the other hand, my second book Biology @ your fingertips is a complete guide for the medical entrances and has every thing which is asked in the examinations with hundreds of mnemonics and flow charts for easy learning. Along with Biology @ your fingertips, you just have to study need of any objective book or text book or any costly unnecessary postal series/ notes of big coaching institutes.Biology @ your fingertips will be launched after a month.

  40. abcde says:

    hello am from Mumbai I want to know when will ur 2nd book be released. Pleased tell d exact date

  41. Itz Bits says:

    if i follow your Handbook of biology throughly will i get common questions in the CET exams that are to be held from 2012. Also Sir which chapters we should practice from Physics and Chemistry for the afore said exam.
    Awaiting your reply

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      Yes, both my books + NCERT + solve AIPMT past papers for biology ; In Physics and chemistry, learn all the formulas and you can’t afford to leave any chapter coz Qs may come from any where, so you must have a basic idea of all the chapters. Also read NCERT complete in Chemistry and have a look at only the solved examples from NCERT physics.

  42. Itz Bits says:

    Iam an medical aspirant. am form kolkata studying in class 12.
    I want to know when will tour book BIOLOGY @ YOUR FINGERTIPS will be available in the market or at flipkart.
    sir we need it at the earliest.
    please reply sir.
    thnking you.
    best regards.

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      The book BIOLOGY @ YOUR FINGERTIPS has not been launched yet.Will be available in the markets after a month. I will inform you as soon as it is launched.
      Currently Handbook of biology is available and its price is Rs. 100.It is available at click here to buy the book
      I also request you all to tell your friends about my book and help me in publicizing it.

  43. Bitan says:

    Iam an medical aspirant. am form kolkata studying in class 12.
    I want to know when will tour book BIOLOGY @ YOUR FINGERTIPS will be available in the market or at flipkart.
    sir we need it at the earliest.
    please reply sir.
    thnking you.
    best regards.

  44. Akanksha says:

    Dear RAHUL,
    As You have earlier told your books wil be available in Agust are thse books available if yes from where ?

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      My publishers are responsible for the delays. The book was to be launched in May but now it is August. It would be ( May be! ) launched next week . will inform you as soon as it is launched.

  45. Akanksha says:

    i am in 12 n will be appearing for pmt entrance in 2012. will i be giving common entrance test as wildly speculated in media? it is proposed that cet will start from 2012-13.will i fall in that category?

  46. ishita aggarwal says:

    ya there are little chances for the single entrance exam however i did read in the newspaper about the honourable supreme court’s judgement this year that from the session 2011-2012 onwards a single all india entrance examination will be conducted across the if you could just check the facts right and let us know dr.

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      As I have said earlier, it is a political issue..I am not the Health Minister..I wish I could be!
      CET, if it comes, would be beneficial for the students as the unlawful practices and donation based admissions will stop.

  47. ashesh says:

    my bro is studying 11th and he is doing coaching from kota, Rajasthan we are from UP and he wants to avail home state quota for DPMT so he is doing his schooling(10+2) from Delhi.
    my first question is what are chances that there will be a single exam for medical students…. a student in situation like this can avail home quota after there is a single exam for medical…..what are the present %age of home state quota stds. for DPMT at prsnt…?
    (ref. Daljeet Singh)

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      Firstly, there are very little chances that common entrance test will occur because it is more of a a political issue..there are many private medical colleges owned by political leaders, mainly in the south, and their families and selling of seats and all such wrong practices are known to us. But if it is passed, the chances of such malpractices in conducting exams would reduce, benefitting the students.

      And there would be no such effect on the seats..the distribution of seats would remain same..15% through All India quota (filled previously through All India PMT) and rest through the state quota (filled through state PMT or separate exam conducted by various institutes such as VMMC or JIPMER)

      So, In your scenerio, Delhi would remain your home state and you would be eligible for the same number of seats as before through DPMT.
      The only difference being, a common entrance test, on the lines of AIPMT.

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