Be a Mentor on PMT Gurumantra!

Hi guys, Congratulations to all the people who have been selected in NEET this year. I  would like to request all the people who have been following my blog to step up and take the legacy of guiding PMT aspirants forwards.

Please step up for those who couldn’t make it this time and need your guidance. Well that’s what the tagline of PMT Gurumantra is…Guru Shishya Parampara Redefined!

What u will have to do?

Just send in your details i.e. name, email, ranks, a photo, scanned copy of rank latter/ college i card as a proof of your selection on my mail or on my personal blog

I’ll then send invitation on your mail for joining the site. Accept it and log in with your login name, password on and start blogging!

And it’s  all easy, like your facebook profile. You’ll have to make your profile on Gravatar and your photo will appear in the list of authors next to mine on every page at the top left corner. You’l see a dashboard on which details on posts and comments would be displayed.

Every day not more than 10-20 queries will come. You can divide the days among your self and once we get 5-10 able moderators, it wont take more than 2 -3 hours per week per moderator which is very less than the avg. duration ppl spend on facebook.

So, if you are the person who really want to help people out and ready to devote some time for a useful activity like this as against facebook or you tube or watching some other stuff, then u’r most welcome.  I assure u that it would be a nice thing to do and really feels good when some one says thank you for all your good efforts.

Please note following points before joining as a mentor:

1. Send all details and rank letter / college i card is must.

2. You are going to be a mentor and ppl are going to believe u thinking that u could help them by solving their doubts. So don’t ever make a mockery of their sentiments by giving wrong advice, or misguiding them.

3. Any kind of abusive language would not be tolerated. Your talks need to be like a professional.

4. Any kind of flirting messages ( especially for boys!), trying to start communication  with some one for reasons other than guidance etc. are prohibited.

5. If u have studied my books or have seen them and have liked them too then please do promote them.

6. Yours answers can be different from mine and your lists of books, advice on coaching etc. can be different but be sure not to promote a coaching institute acting as their agent. Tell them all pros and cons and let them decide themselves. Don’t order them to do as you say.

7. Go through all the posts I have written and my replies to the queries. 90% of the queries are going to remain same. So no need to rewrite the same thing every time. Just say see previous replies or copy paste the earlier replies. You can copy my advice on a similar query and reply after making necessary changes to it.

8. Don’t try to demean my books, site or any other activity that goes against the principle of this website.

9. Last but the most important. PMT Gurumantra has a strict stands against the coaching culture prevailing currently and any attempt to promote any particular coaching institution  would not be tolerated.

Strict No To:

1. Promotion of any coaching institution

2. Any third party involvement.

3. Starting any test series or coaching program and promoting it on PMT Gurumantra’s behalf.

Also I would like to request all the readers and moderators to point out any such mis-behavior by any of the moderators by mailing it to me on….don’t forget to add the subject on any mail you are sending.

Well it was not to scare you but to remind u ppl that it would be a responsible job. and it won’t take much time either. You can easily use wordpress on your phone as u use face book. Also ask our friends in your college to be a part of it. The basic idea is to engage at least one student from every state so that v have a pan-india coverage.

As soon as we get 5-10 responsible moderators, I’ll give articles in the newspaper about the expansion of the website and your names will also be published in it.

If u have any further suggestions, then go ahead and write to me on my personal blog

Also don’t forget to share your experience of cracking medical entrances with the students. Just go to the menu and select Topper’s Interviews Tab and fill in all the details.

4 Responses to Be a Mentor on PMT Gurumantra!

  1. siddharth agarwal. says:

    good morning sir
    I am a first year vmmcian and scored air-80 .i took many benefits from your blog and now also want to help other pmt aspirants.please add me also .i would be highly obliged

  2. Lokesh says:

    I am first year ucms , i had taken benefits from your blog during neet times. Wants to be pmt gurumantra mentor, i also will be in touch with all pmt activities as my sister is going to give pmt this year,(i am ex vmmcian also )

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