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Hello friends,

If you have read my book, then I request you to give your feedback so that I can make further improvements in the next edition of the book. Please mention the reason why did you like or dislike the book. 10 Best comments would be published in my coming book Biology @ your fingertips and also in the next edition of Handbook of Biology along with your name.

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I also request you all to tell your friends about my book and help me in publicizing it.

28 Responses to Feedback on Handbook of Biology

  1. shikhar dabas says:

    sir, i m in eleventh can i refer your handbooks now only as i want to start my prepraration for aiims now only

  2. rakesh says:

    Ok let me be frank.I’m turning 21 this year,by next year I obviously will be 22,I have been trying from last 2 years,but all I have faced is failure.I haven’t lost my patience yet,but some thoughts kinda depress me & shatter my confidence.This time I prepared too hard,this time too I missed just by 3 marks in state pmt .I know I can get it next time but whenever I think of my age now & then by the time when I will graduate as a doctor,I get my eyes filled with tears.I guess I have developed some sort of complexities cause I can see those guys once my classmate in school are all about to begin their professional life as a engineers.It’s only me who haven’t even qualified the entrance examination to a medical collage.I am still depressed at my age to begin the MBBS course.Times are there I feel hopeless due to these thoughts & feel like I have been cramped into an box where there’s no way out & gonna die there.I just feel ashamed of myself & fear someday I gonna get to hear “Hey You Old hack you are still doing your studies” help me please 🙁

    • Rahul Chawla says:

      1. Stop feeling hopeless and sad. It’s not an all an end of the world.
      2. If you aren’t comfortable with preparing for medical entrances, drop the idea and do what you feel like. There are various other options available.
      3. If you really want to get into a medical college and be a doctor, then it’s never too late. Nobody is going to say anything..and even if they do…what difference does it make..after years, no one is going to ask you how many drops you took…but go for medical only when you really want to be a doctor..not just for the sake of cracking entrances. And for preparation tips, read my article here and get my books.

  3. vijay says:

    what is the salary of a pediatrican just after passing pg in delhi hospitals ??????

  4. sir i hve ur handbuk of biology …nyc buk..i hve qualified neet dis tym…but didnt achieve a good rank …m takng ne yr coachng plsss tel me hw to prepre so dat i cn b able to be a dctr next tym…

    • start prpng now,….dont waste time…read ncert again and again….do maximum no. of ques as many as you can…….solve all the previous year ques papers…….read our blogs…

  5. ayuush says:

    can a average student get into institution like ucms mamc by hard work only

    • anshikagupta says:

      YES,You dont Need to be Told that.Medical requires more Of Hard-work (Than Intelligence) . All medical entrances are ‘Knowledge Based’,So the more you Read The more You Score.

      Average students with More of Patience and Perseverance,Who are Dedicated,Turn Out To be the BEST DOCTORS.

      • ranjit says:

        please advice me …. should i buy a postal test seres for neet (last year i was in allen kota ,qualified pre but unable to crack mains ). i am thinking of solving previous year paper of exams like bhu amu aipmt etc.
        this year i am preparing from home only

      • anshikagupta says:

        YEAH,Taking a TEST SERIES would be anyway better,You’ll Have something to Monitor your Progress.

        And yes,You should Regularly Practice Papers.Make it a Habit to solve one paper Daily.Plot a time table for that matter,Like Monday(AIPMT),Tuesday(BHU) and something similar.

  6. patil raj says:

    hey is handbook of biology and ncert enough for karnataka common entrance test as i am unable to go through biology @ fingertips due to shortage of time ……………
    and i am 100% perfect with handbook of biology and ncert . how much score can i expect in biology kcet paper out of 60…………………………. please reply ………………….
    indeed handbook of biology is an excellent book……………which made my revision easier and faster………………thank u dude………………..

  7. ALISHA DAS says:

    what makes you,’YOU’?

  8. Jayant shende says:

    Sir, flipcart cant send me that book by cash on delivery pls help me

  9. vishakha bogra says:

    i would be failing in my duty if i dont express my gratitude towards hand book of biology
    as name suggest it is really a kind of capsule which help in last minutes revision and dat too fully in just very short time.i strongly recomm.end it

  10. sarika says:

    sir pls tell me handbook of biology is enough for dumet or not plss sir

  11. vaibhav trivedi says:

    what a great book for revision….i found it really helpful while finishing my chapters….specially application biology and genetics….
    book for last time revision for tests and aipmt….
    the book is a milestone which gives what you want before 2-3 days of aipmt….
    thanks to dr. rahul….a great work….
    the study plan,exam plan,the mnemonics you gives are superb specially in tht topics which seems very tough to learn like cranial nerves,wbc percentes wise name…wrist bones…
    it’s a request to you please publish same types of handbook in physics and chemistry…specially in organic…
    once again thanks sir for this last time revision magic….

  12. chothmal meena says:

    hello sir, i am pursuing mbbs 1st year from medical college jodhpur rajasthan but i am not satisfied yet. i am already a reapeter but i just want to get select in bhu or any higher ranking medical college so that i could get proper environmet to grow up. can i leave my college and apply for pmt again?

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